Season 2 Week 7
Welcome everyone to the highly anticipated week 7 patch!
This update brings QoL features, bug fixes, and huge content to Minescape.

Season Pass & Voting

  • Season Pass Challenges
    Some challenges are hard enough, what do you mean I have to do it again? We've fixed the issue causing challenges to not save correctly. In addition to that, we altered the Kill Players in Apocalypse challenges so they are easier to complete!
  • Voting Links
    That's a lot of links! We've moved all the links from /vote onto a single page for you! Let's get these candies!


Bug fixes and mechanical tweaks

Here is a list of the bugs we've fixed:

  • Baked Potatoes
    I swear I didn't eat all of them! You will no longer eat half of all the baked potatoes in your inventory at once!
  • Killcounts
    Killing mobs with magic wasn't working with the killcounter; you should be able to cast them down with no worries now!
    This also fixes the issue where magic kills weren't registered in monster killing quests!
  • Giant Mole
    The Giant Mole sure liked to bug out when tunnelling down, that rascal. We've put him in time-out on the first floor for the time being!
  • Locked Items
    The issue causing locked items that stack to disappear when banking them has been resolved. Also, locked items will no longer appear in trade windows!
  • Alchemy
    You no longer transform an entire stack into money! Stackable items are now alched one by one.
  • Item removal in artisan skills
    Logging out whilst transforming an item will no longer make you lose your items. Items are now removed from your inventory only when needed!
  • 3D Entities
    Somehow sheep and their 3D friends managed to acquire invisibility while we weren't looking! We've tracked down the source of their powers and removed them.


This weekly update comes with new gameplay features, QoL elements, building fixes/upgrades, and more:

  • The Barrows Brothers

All that waiting has paid off, the Brothers are here at last! Get geared up, trek to Mort'ton, and start looting that chest. Who will be the first with a full set of Barrows armor?
Before starting the Barrows minigame, you will need to get a spade from the Strange old man:
Strange old man
We recommend players to be at least level 75 in combat skills!
Here is a few pictures of the Barrows armour sets. Each set comes with a unique buff!
Ahrim's set: Successful magical attacks have a 25% chance of inflicting Ahrim's dread on enemies, reducing their damage done by 10% for 5 seconds.
Dharok's set: Attacks do more damage as the player's Hitpoints decrease.
Guthan's set: Attacks have a 25% chance of replenishing the player's health equal to the damage dealt.
Karil's set: Successful ranged attacks have a 20% chance of stunning a non-boss.
Karil's crossbow can only be used with bolt racks.
Torag's set: Successful melee attacks have a 1% chance of dealing 5000 damage.
Verac's set: Attacks have a 25% chance of inflicting Verac's Vow on enemies, reducing the enemies defense for 10% for 5 seconds.

Killing each brother will add their armour sets as a potential loot in the Barrows Chest!
Barrows brother

  • Mort’ton Graveyard
    Oh no! My prayers ran out and I died to Dharok! No worries, if you happen to die in the crypts your gravestone will appear in this designated graveyard, and you'll have 30 minutes to get your items back!
    Mort'ton graveyard
  • Stronghold of Security
    Fashionscape has entered the chat. The Stronghold of Security has loot now! A fancy new reward awaits you.
    Fancy boots
  • Agility in Combat
    Why is everyone doubled over? We've removed passive Agility XP gain from sneaking while in combat.
  • Backpacks
    Dying in the wild with your backpack will now empty your backpack then send it to your bank!
  • Imbued Ashes
    Which ashes are which?! A lovely blue tint has been added to imbued ashes to match imbued bones.
  • Flax to String
    Skill pures rejoice! We told Maria killing 36 spiders just isn't for everyone. She has agreed to include a noncombat alternative to complete the quest.
  • Lumbridge Tree Anomaly
    The Scientist was a little confused about some grammar rules. After some tutoring sessions, her dialog is much more understandable!
  • Tutorial Island
    How do I click on the chat box? One of the tasks on Tutorial Island was a little confusing for new players. We've added some clarity to the Survivor Expert's textline.
  • Lumbridge Agility Course
    It seems there weren't enough checkpoints on the Lumbridge Agility Course. We've added some extra checkpoints in there for you!
  • Apples
    Apples! Apples everywhere! Not anymore! Apples have been removed from oak leaves. You can still find them on Apple Trees.
  • Private Messages
    Tired of missing private messages because they blend into chat? We've added a bit of color to private messages so they stand out a bit more!
  • Resourcepack rework
    We are currently working on improving our resourcepacks. This weekly update includes a weapon/tools/armour/ui textures upgrade! Next week will be focused on monsters!
    We've also added the classical Runescape font as requested!
    Minescape UI
    Minescape UI
    Minescape items
    Minescape items
    Minescape items
  • 24H DXP
    We have removed 24 hours double XP for the health of our player base! Staying online 24H straight is not healthy!

The end

That's it for this weekly update!
As always, this week contains new season pass challenges for you to enjoy!
Make sure to give us some feedback about this weekly update on our Discord where you may set personalized notifications for the network!
Thank you so much for supporting our network, see you next week!

- Co-edited by Sami and Skip