Season 2 patch 9

When is the new update coming?!
Update WHEN?!
Could you give us an ETA for the new update?
You promised us weekly updates!

Welcome to this new MAJOR update!
Before diving deeply into the patch notes, let us explain why this update took so long!

Changing our development cycle

A month ago, we announced our change in our update cycles. Content update will no longer be on a weekly basis. We want to spend all the time it takes for a certain update to happen. We do not want to rush content updates.
This update took us around 3 weeks to develop and more than a week to test/adjust.
The update changes core gameplay elements and we wanted to make sure all aspects were taken in consideration.

The change log

This content update is focused on Minescape, but also bring some lights to some of our broken minigames.


We received a few reports about minigames and Zombies being down and or lagging out after a while.

We investigated the issue and found out an error in our task dispatcher/scheduler. It has been fixed! You may now enjoy these games to their full extends!
Keep in mind that more updates to all our games are coming in season 3!

Cheat prevention/detection

In order to prevent and detect players abusing unintended rates and/or bugs we worked on some internal tools. All player actions are now saved and analyzed at all times.
We have also changed the way we do bug fixes and nerfs. All major bug fixes and un-intended rates will be fixed as soon as possible. At worst case, they should remain in game for no longer than a day.


Since the release of the network, we have been going through many different versions of our in-game synthesiser. Musics play a very big role in games and we want to bring proper music to our network.
Music player
Minecraft has a lot of limitations when it comes to user experience. For instance, Minecraft Java edition doesn't allow us to add music directly in the resourcepacks (due to the restriction in size), nor to add custom modeled monsters.
With our extensive research, we found different ways to counter most of the limitations of Minecraft. These solutions aren't perfect, but we believe we came up with the best Music system when it comes to Minecraft servers.
We went from 30 instruments to 120. We also changed the way our notes are being ticked to improve the overall rhythm.

This new music revamp allowed us to quadruple the amount of instruments with no extra storage space.


The update you all have been waiting for has finally been released.

Combat triangle

This release comes with a full rework of our combat engine around this following combat triangle:
Combat triangle
Magic is superior than Melee which is superior than Ranged
Here is the list of the combat related changes:

  • Combat XP The xp gained in combat has been changed to match the new combat triangle changes. The overall combat xp/h now match our desired rates.
  • Hit chance Post 99 defence will no longer grant you an advantage when it comes to being hit. This change was requested by the community to bring lights to end-game fights.
  • Turn speed The base turn speed has been changed to one second.
  • Armor sets Each combat style now has its own combat sets.
    Melee armor will give you the strongest protection against Ranged and the weakest against Magic.
    Magic armor will give you the strongest protection against Melee and the weakest against Ranged.
    Ranged armor will give you the strongest protection against Magic and the weakest against Melee.
    Here is the list of armor sets that have been added to the game:
    • Leather armor (ranged)
    • Studded leather armor (ranged)
    • Snakeskin armor (ranged)
    • Green dragonhide armor (ranged)
    • Blue dragonhide armor (ranged)
    • Red dragonhide armor (ranged)
    • Black dragonhide armor (ranged)
    • Blue wizard armor (magic)
    • Black wizard armor (magic)
    • Spider silk armor (magic)
    • Batwing armor (magic)
    • Mystic hat armor (magic)
    • Infinity armor (magic)
    • Druidic armor (magic)
    • Dragon'hai armor (magic)
      Armor pieces
      Armor pieces come with a price. They will grant the player negative combat buffers in their non combat style for a total of -40% combat damage.
      You may find magic armor by looting magic monsters!
  • Ranged We changed the base damages of bows and arrows as followed:
    • Oak bow: 14 damage
    • Willow bow: 19 damage
    • Teak bow: 25 damage
    • Pine bow: 34 damage
    • Sequoia bow: 45 damage
    • Baobab bow: 58 damage
    • Karil's crossbow: 70 damage
    • Dragon bow: 70 damage
    • Bronze arrows: 1 multiplier
    • Iron arrows: 1.1 multiplier
    • Steel arrows: 1.2 multiplier
    • Mithril arrows: 1.3 multiplier
    • Adamant arrows: 1.4 multiplier
    • Rune arrows: 1.5 multiplier
    • Bolt racks: 1.55 multiplier
    • Dragon arrows: 1.6 multiplier
      Ranged equipment
  • Magic Wands have been given a base damage and all magic spells have been rebalanced with these following base damages:
    • Apprentice wand: 4 damage
    • Beginner wand: 7 damage
    • Master wand: 12 damage
    • Wizard's wand: 15 damage
    • Ahrim's staff: 17 damage
    • Apocalypse wand: 20 damage
    • Air strike: 9 damage
    • Water strike: 12 damage
    • Earth strike: 16 damage
    • Fire strike: 20 damage
    • Tornado: 23 damage
    • Earthquake: 29 damage
    • Flood: 33 damage
    • Blaze: 36 damage
    • Freeze: 18 damage + monster freeze
    • Wind blast: 42 damage
    • Water blast: 47 damage
    • Earth blast: 52 damage
    • Fire blast (now at level 40): 58 damage
    • Hurricane: 63 damage
    • Tsunami: 72 damage
    • Geoforce: 77 damage
    • Solar flare: 81 damage
    • Elemental force: 85 damage
    • Dark elemental force: 88 damage
    • Apocalypse: 90 damage
      Magic armor
  • Prayers All prayers have been rebalanced. Prayers of the same type will no longer stack. Here is the list of the prayer changes:
    • Thick skin: +2% defence, -1 prayer point per second
    • Burst of strength: +2% melee, -1 prayer point per second
    • Clarity of thoughts: +5 HP/s, -1 prayer point per second
    • Sharp eye: +2% ranged, -1 prayer point per second
    • Mystic will: +2% magic, -1 prayer point per second
    • Rock skin: +5% defence, -1 prayer point per second
    • Superhuman strength: +5% melee, -1 prayer point per second
    • Rapid heal: +8 HP/s, -1 prayer point per second
    • Hawk eye: +5% ranged, -1 prayer point per second
    • Mystic lore: +5% magic, -1 prayer point per second
    • Steel skin: +10% defence, -1 prayer point per second
    • Ultimate strength: +10% melee, -1 prayer point per second
    • Prayer protections have been changed to 25% in player vs player fights
    • Eagle eye: +10% ranged, -1 prayer point per second
    • Mystic might: +10% magic, -1 prayer point per second
    • Fast heal: +15 HP/s, -2 prayer point per second
    • OP strength: +15% melee, -2 prayer point per second
    • Mithril skin: +15% defence, -2 prayer point per second
    • Augury: +15% magic, -2 prayer point per second
    • Super fast heal: +20 HP/s, -3 prayer point per second
    • God strength: +20% melee, -3 prayer point per second
    • Rune skin: +20% defence, -3 prayer point per second
    • Sniper: +20% ranged, -3 prayer point per second
    • Mystical powers: +20% magic, -3 prayer point per second
  • Potions Potions have also been changed to account for the new combat triangle. You can no longer stack potions and typed potions have been added:
    • Speed potion (15 minutes): speed I
    • Ranged potion (15 minutes): +10% ranged
    • Strength potion (15 minutes): +10% melee
    • Magic potion (15 minutes): +10% magic
    • Defence potion (15 minutes): +10% defence
    • Prayer potion: Regenerates 30% of your prayer points
    • Stamina potion: Regenerates 500 steps
    • Super Speed potion (10 minutes): speed II
    • Super Ranged potion (10 minutes): +20% ranged
    • Super Strength potion (10 minutes): +20% melee
    • Super Magic potion (10 minutes): +20% magic
    • Super Defence potion (10 minutes): +20% defence
    • Super Prayer potion: Regenerates 45% of your prayer points
    • Super Stamina potion: Regenerates 1000 steps
    • Dark potion (6 minutes): +20% armor penetration
    • Extreme Speed potion (8 minutes): speed III
    • Extreme Ranged potion (8 minutes): +30% ranged
    • Extreme Strength potion (8 minutes): +30% melee
    • Extreme Magic potion (8 minutes): +30% magic
    • Extreme Defence potion (8 minutes): +30% defence
    • Extreme Prayer potion: Regenerates 60% of your prayer points
    • Combat potion (6 minutes): +30% in all combat style and +10% armor penetration
    • God potion (6 minutes): +40% in all combat style, 40% defence and +20% armor penetration
  • Combat level The formula to compute your combat level as been changed to account for the new combat triangle changes. It is now:

(25% (defence + constitution + prayer/2) + 32.5% (max(stats))

where stats is [attack + strength, magic 1.5, ranged 1.5]

  • PvP speed buffer Speed buffers are disabled in PvP fights
  • Gravestones The style of the gravestone has been changed to look like a corpse:
  • Barrows equipment Barrows equipment are now degradable and come with 5000 (weapons) and 7500 (armors) durability points. You may repair your barrows equipment in Lumbridge:
    Bob the repair guy
    Wearing the smithing cape will halve the repair cost.
  • Defenders Defenders will now grant you a negative buffer in magic and ranged to account for the new combat triangle.
  • Monsters We updated all our monsters (182 types) to account for this new combat triangle.
    Monsters now have armor points and most humanoids come with 2 combat styles. One close range combat style (melee) and one long range (ranged/magic).
    Most monsters also wear a weapon and their damage and attack speed varies on the weapon they're using.
    Monster status
    Their health has been updated as well to make fights interesting with these changes.
    Monsters will now spawn randomly in a 3 block radius of their original spawn location. This has been added to prevent people from afking combat.
    Green/Blue/Red/Black dragons and snakes have been added to the game in their respective areas:
    Green dragon
    Blue dragon
    Red dragon
    Black dragon
  • PvP In order to make player vs player fights interesting, we have removed the 50% damage nerf whilst fighting another player.
  • Duel arena We have added a fully working Duel arena where players can stake their precious items.
    You may duel a player by right clicking him. This will open up a dueling interface where you can configure the duel by changing these settings:
    • Ranged on/off
    • Melee on/off
    • Magic on/off
    • Prayer on/off
    • Forfeit (/forfeit) on/off
    • Drinks on/off
    • Food on/off
    • Obstacles on/off
      Duel arena

Skill updates

  • Magic We have added 4 new enchanting spells, requiring cosmic runes, to enchant jewelry:
    • Level 1 enchant, unlocked at level 7
    • Level 2 enchant, unlocked at level 27
    • Level 3 enchant, unlocked at level 49
    • Level 4 enchant, unlocked at level 57
      Magic skill UI
  • Fletching We have a new skill! Your crafting experience has been transfered to the fletching skill. Fletching is now all about creating bows and arrows.
    Arrow fletching can be done by these simple steps:
    • Cut a piece of wood into shafts using a knife (right click a knife and then click a log)
    • Combine shafts and feathers to create headless arrows
    • Combine headless arrows with typed heads to create arrows
      One can create a bow by combining wood and string in his inventory.
      We also introduced the fletching cape which creates one more arrow per headless stack once equipped.
      Fletching 1
      Fletching 2
  • Crafting The main mechanics of the crafting skill have been kept. However we are introducing a lot of new crafting recipes as well as a new side mechanic: gem cutting.
    Players can now cut uncut gems into cut gems by using a chisel (right click a chisel then click on an uncut gem).
    Crafting table
    Here is the list of the new crafting recipes:
    • Golden ring, level 5, requires a gold bar and a string
    • Golden necklace, level 6, requires a gold bar and a string
    • Leather boots, level 7, requires leather
    • Golden amulet, level 8, requires a gold bar and a string
    • Leather coif, level 9, requires leather
    • Leather body, level 14, requires leather
    • Leather chaps, level 18, requires leather
    • Cutting sapphire, level 20
    • Sapphire ring, level 20, requires a golden ring and a sapphire
    • Sapphire necklace, level 22, requires a golden necklace and a sapphire
    • Sapphire amulet, level 24, requires a golden necklace and a sapphire
    • Cutting emerald, level 27
    • Emerald ring, level 27, requires a golden ring and an emerald
    • Emerald necklace, level 29, requires a golden necklace and an emerald
    • Emerald amulet, level 30, requires a golden necklace and an emerald
    • Cutting ruby, level 34
    • Ruby ring, level 37, requires a golden ring and a ruby
    • Studded Leather boots, level 37, requires leather boots and arrow heads
    • Studded Leather coif, level 39, requires leather coif and arrow heads
    • Ruby necklace, level 40, requires a golden necklace and a ruby
    • Studded Leather body, level 41, requires leather body and arrow heads
    • Cutting diamond, level 43
    • Studded Leather chaps, level 43, requires leather chaps and arrow heads
    • Diamond ring, level 43, requires a golden ring and a diamond
    • Snakeskin boots, level 45, requires snakeskin
    • Snakeskin bandana, level 47, requires snakeskin
    • Snakeskin body, level 49, requires snakeskin
    • Ruby amulet, level 50, requires a golden amulet and a ruby
    • Snakeskin chaps, level 51, requires snakeskin
    • Diamond necklace, level 56, requires a golden necklace and a diamond
    • Green dhide boots, level 57, requires green dragon hide leather
    • Green dhide coif, level 59, requires green dragon hide leather
    • Green dhide body, level 61, requires green dragon hide leather
    • Green dhide chaps, level 63, requires green dragon hide leather
    • Blue dhide boots, level 66, requires blue dragon hide leather
    • Blue dhide coif, level 68, requires blue dragon hide leather
    • Diamond amulet, level 70, requires a golden amulet and a diamond
    • Blue dhide body, level 70, requires blue dragon hide leather
    • Blue dhide chaps, level 72, requires blue dragon hide leather
    • Red dhide boots, level 73, requires red dragon hide leather
    • Red dhide coif, level 74, requires red dragon hide leather
    • Red dhide body, level 75, requires red dragon hide leather
    • Red dhide chaps, level 76, requires red dragon hide leather
    • Black dhide boots, level 79, requires black dragon hide leather
    • Black dhide coif, level 81, requires black dragon hide leather
    • Black dhide body, level 83, requires black dragon hide leather
    • Black dhide chaps, level 85, requires black dragon hide leather
      Crafting page 1
      Crafting page 2
  • Leather tanning You can tan leather by talking to a tanner. Various hides can be found by killing cows, snakes and dragons.
  • Enchanted jewelry You may enchant jewelry by using an enchanting spell. Enchanted jewelries provide certain bonuses:
    • Amulet of defence: Provides 7 armor points
    • Amulet of magic: 10% magic damage
    • Amulet of power: Inflicts 6% more damage in all combat styles and provides 6 armor points
    • Amulet of strength: Increases your max hit by 5%
    • Games necklace (8 charges): Teleport to various locations (/necklace) such as Barrows/CoO/Agility training facility/Warrior's guild
      Games necklace
    • Gems necklace (20 charges): More chance to mine gems
    • Phoenix necklace (1 charge): Restore the wearer's health by 30% maximum if they drop below 20% of the maximum
    • Runecrafting necklace (100 charges): Craft one more rune every 5 rune essence
    • Ring of dueling (8 charges): Teleport to the duel arena (/ring)
    • Ring of forging: 100% success rate when smelting iron bars
    • Ring of life (1 charge): Teleports you to Lumbridge if your health goes below 10% (Except when in pvp)
    • Ring of recoil: 5% of the damage received by the player is dealt to the attacker
  • Mining Ores now randomly drops uncut gems!
  • Herblore Extreme potions no longer require potions. They instead require their ingredients.
  • Runecrafting We added a new altar: the cosmic altar. You can find its ruin in Mort Myre.
    RC ruin
    RC altar
  • Slayer As suggested by the community, longer tasks will now grant more slayer points. We've also added the bonecrusher necklace which automatically buries your bones for half the experience points.
  • Exploration Jobs now give 100% of the experience gained in the given tasks. (It used to be 50%)
  • Thieving You can no longer thieve with a bow or wand in your hand. The punishment for failing to thieve has been reduced to 5% or the max hit of a the target monster/humanoid.

Non skill updates

  • Quest system We have made a new quest system. This new system allows us to write better quests. It includes a new dialog system that quest writers will be able to use to create proper story telling!

This new quest system comes with one new unique quest: "The experiments part one quest" which unlocks the prayer scepter crafting recipe! You can start this quest by talking to Harbit in Canifis!
Experiments part 1
This quest was designed by Leedly! Tell us what you think about it!

  • Beer We added beer to Minescape! You may now talk to bartenders to buy some. Drink them with moderation. Beers grant you a small combat buff.
  • Banking Your current bank page is now stored per play session to allow for a better player efficiency.
  • Exploration beacons We added the beacons to the exploration skilling guide
  • Lava swimming You can no longer swim in lava...
  • Furnitures We are slowly adding furnitures to the world of Minescape to enhance the visual aspects of the game!
  • Grand Exchange You may no longer trade broken equipment to the Grand Exchange. GE entities are not moving anymore.
  • /effects We updated /effects to match the new combat buffers.
  • Skilling messages in combat You can no longer gather resources whilst in combat. The "You may not use this tool against this block" has also been removed for non-tool items!
  • Eating whilst looking at a fire You may no longer accidentally eat your food instead of cooking it whilst clicking on a fire!
  • Prayers Prayers are now disable on death
  • Capes and Jewelry Capes and jewelry can now be toggled for yourself in your settings.
  • Wilderness Your combat level will now show as a suffix to your name in the wilderness.

New regions

Here is the list of the new regions that have been added to the game:

  • Duel arena. The duel arena is now open to the public!
    Duel arena
  • Mage training area The mage training area has been built. Gameplay specific elements will be added to the training area in a future update.
    Mage training area

Bug fixes

Here is the list of bugs we've fixed:

  • /lock We, finally, fixed /lock. You can no longer drop your locked equipment.
  • DXP stacking We fixed an issue where two players could activate DXP at the same time.
  • Chopping a tree twice You may no longer cut down trees that have been partially cut down
  • Bank deposit Clicking on the deposit all button now includes the offhand
  • Karil's arrows Standing inside Karil will no longer make you invulnerable to its projectiles.
  • Wrong entity models Giant spiders were still using the old spider model.
  • Backpack We fixed backpack issues where the backpack became randomly unusable.

The end

That's all folks!
This update took us a lot of time to develop and test. It was a required break in our update cycle to allow us to bring more and better content to our games.
I would like to thank all the members of the staff team who worked on this update. From designers (Iconic Eagles, Zensue and Wightwing), to builders (Mats, Kev, Jelmer, Dove and Hagam), to developers (Smidgeee and Rock), and all the helpers/moderators/upperstaff that helped test the update.
We've added new weekly challenges, and we'll now do our best to bring new weekly challenges every week.
We are still looking out for ideas about a potential construction skill!
The dragon slayer quest will be released in around a week.
We are also planning out a first Minescape League for our season 3, more info and polls will be announced shortly!
Make sure to give us some feedback about this patch on our Discord where you may set personalized notifications for the network!

Thank you so much for supporting us! We look forward to seeing you in our next patch!