Season 2 patch 10

Welcome everyone to this new update.
It's been about 10 days since our last update. We are still figuring out the best way to handle our constant flow of updates.
This update includes quite a bit of new content and brings more light to our new questing and instance systems.


As many of you guys know, we have been focusing on Minescape, one of the core games of the GamesLabs network.
We released the first version of Minescape back in 2012 and since then we have been making it better and better.
We will be posting Minescape related updates on We want this website to be the main source of Minescape information. A wiki will be put in place on here shortly!

When the original influx of players happened, back in February, we had to downgrade our instance counts to 30 players to make the experience lagless. Since then, we have done a lot of optimization and increased our maximum capacity to 70 players per instance.
Whilst we believe this is a good number, it is a fairly restrictive amount of players for a yet to be a massive multi-player game.
Due to Minecraft's limitation, we cannot handle hundreds of players in the same instance, however, we came up with a new solution (This solution resembles what you can find on one of the biggest Minecraft RPG): Remote players.

Remote players

This update includes our first version of our remote players system.
This system allows you to see players from other instances and chat with them.
Remote instance visibility is disabled in boss areas and in the wilderness.
By default, your chat is set to global and you may change it to regional (players near you, cross instances) or instance.
Remote players
Before releasing our Ironman mode, we want to make sure this system works as intended. Once it's perfectly running, we'll be rolling out our Minescape iron man mode.
This system is also a preparation of our incoming Minescape Seasonal Leagues.

Combat changes

Our last update brought major changes to our combat engine. This update brings more love to ranged and increases overall combat rates:

  • Combat XP We have buffed overall combat rates, from DMG/10 xp to DMG/9 xp in melee and DMG/7 to DMG/6 in ranged/magic.
  • Ranged/Magic attack speeds We have increased the damage of spells and bows/arrows by 50% and decreased their attack speed by 50%. Whilst this doesn't change your DPS, this reduces the number of resources used in a fight.
  • Slayer Cyclops We have decreased the strength level of Slayer Cyclops to 80.
  • Dragonfire We implemented a new type of attack, Dragonfire. Dragons will now use this combat style. Most armors are not immune to Dragonfire.
  • New Ranged equipment We added more weapons and shields. Crossbows are one-handed.
    Ranged equipment
    • Bronze Crossbow, level 1, damage 14, timeout 1s
    • Bronze Bolts, level 1, multiplier 1
    • Iron Crossbow, level 5, damage 19, timeout 1s
    • Iron Bolts, level 5, multiplier 1.1
    • Steel Crossbow, level 15, damage 29, timeout 1s
    • Steel Bolts, level 15, multiplier 1.2
    • Mithril Crossbow, level 30, damage 42, timeout 1s
    • Mithril Bolts, level 30, multiplier 1.3
    • Adamant Crossbow, level 40, damage 51, timeout 1s
    • Adamant Bolts, level 40, multiplier 1.4
    • Rune Crossbow, level 50, damage 58, timeout 1s
    • Rune Bolts, level 50, multiplier 1.5
    • Dragon Crossbow, level 70, damage 72, timeout 1s
    • Dragon Bolts, level 70, multiplier 1.6
    • Oak Shield, level 1
    • Leather Shield, level 5
    • Willow Shield, level 10
    • Snakeskin Shield, level 20
    • Teak Shield, level 30
    • Green Dragon Hide Shield, level 35
    • Pine Shield, level 40
    • Blue Dragon Hide Shield, level 45
    • Sequoia Shield, level 50
    • Red Dragon Hide Shield, level 55
    • Baobab Shield, level 60
    • Black Dragon Hide Shield, level 65
  • Anti Dragon Shield We added an anti-dragon shield, unlocked at level 55 to resist against dragon fires. This shield is part of the Dragon Slayer quest. It provides 600 armor points against dragon fires.
    The anti-dragon shield can be obtained after completing the quest by talking to Duke Horacio in Lumbridge.
    Anti dragon shield
  • Dragonfire Shield This shield is an upgraded version of the anti-dragon shield. It's one of the best shields in the game, unlocked at level 85 defense. Its armor points depend on the number of charges in the shield. The shield can support up to 30 charges. Getting hit by Dragonfire will recharge your DFS.
    One can launch its special attack by sneak right-clicking, releasing a Dragonfire attack once every 2 minutes. This will use one charge. It has 900 armor points against dragon fires.
    The DFS can be smithed by using an anti-dragon shield and a draconic visage on an anvil. Draconic visages can be looted from dragons.
    Dragon fire shield

Skill updates

  • Smithing We added metal limbs that are required to fletch crossbows. Dragon limbs can be looted from various dragons.
    • Bronze limbs, level 3, 8 xp
    • Iron limbs, level 17, 10 xp
    • Steel limbs, level 32, 42 xp
    • Mithril limbs, level 52, 104 xp
    • Adamant limbs, level 72, 176 xp
    • Rune limbs, level 87, 239 xp
    • Dragonfire Shield, level 90, 400 xp (requires an anti-dragonfire shield and a draconic visage)
      Smithing ui
  • Fletching All ranged crossbows/bolts and shields can be fletched by using different materials.
    • Bronze crossbow, level 1, 5 xp
    • Bronze bolts, level 1, 14 xp per 15
    • Iron crossbow, level 5, 6 xp
    • Iron bolts, level 5, 12 xp per 15
    • Steel crossbow, level 15, 15 xp
    • Steel bolts, level 15, 38 xp per 15
    • Mithril crossbow, level 30, 30 xp
    • Mithril bolts, level 30, 67 xp per 15
    • Adamant crossbow, level 40, 50 xp
    • Adamant bolts, level 40, 142 xp per 15
    • Rune crossbow, level 50, 90 xp
    • Rune bolts, level 50, 200 xp per 15
    • Dragon crossbow, level 70, 120 xp
    • Dragon bolts, level 70, 245 per 15
    • Oak shield, level 1, 12 xp by combining 2 wooden logs
    • Leather shield, level 5, 15 xp
    • Willow shield, level 10, 30 xp
    • Snakeskin shield, level 20, 34 xp
    • Teak shield, level 30, 42 xp
    • Green dhide shield, level 35, 50 xp
    • Pine shield, level 40, 72 xp
    • Blue dhide shield, level 45, 80 xp
    • Sequoia shield, level 50, 96 xp
    • Red dhide shield, level 55, 105 xp
    • Baobab shield, level 60, 120 xp
    • Black dhide shield, level 65, 130 xp
  • Herblore We added a new flower, the Dragoneye's Rose, unlocked at level 80. We downgraded the Talupia Magentina to level 75.
    This new rose is required to create fire resistance potions which will provide you a 30% defense buffer against dragon fires.
    Dragoneye rose

Quest: Dragon Slayer

As many of you guys know, we have been revamping our questing system to be able to handle non-linear steps, proper dialogues, cutscenes, and boss fights.
You can start this quest by talking to the Guildmaster in the Champion's Guild.
Champion's guild
Champion's guild
This quest includes unique quest items such as keys, map pieces, a dragon head, and more. It also includes unique monsters, a cutscene, and an instanced boss fight.
We won't spoil the content of this quest here, but it's a pretty long quest compared to the rest of the quests we have...
Melzar's maze
This quest is required to wear rune and dragon plate bodies. It also unlocks the island of Crandor.
Crandor's gate


What is a good Minescape patch without some new monsters?!

Boss: King Black Dragon

The boss you have been waiting for finally arrived. I name, King Black Dragon.
KBD is our strongest boss so far and is instanced based. As of right now, it is not multiplayer, but we plan on adding multiplayer instances very soon!
The entrance of KBD's lair is a safe zone. The games necklace allows you to teleport to this area.
Boss fight
Boss fight
Boss fight
Boss fight

Corrupted Black Dragons

We added corrupted black dragons in non-wilderness. They drop corrupted dragon weapons.
Corrupted Black Dragons

Lesser demons

We added lesser demons in Melzar's maze and in the wilderness, next to KBD's lair.
KBD's lair

Quality of Life/Small tweaks

  • Melee clicking We registered Right Click as a valid melee attack button.
  • Thieving Thieving now requires sneaking + right-clicking.
  • Giant Mole POI We registered the Giant Mole cave as a Point Of Interest.
  • Abyssal Whip rarity We changed the drop rate of abyssal whips to legendary.
  • Cooking Guild We added some extra furniture in the cooking guild!
    Cooking guild
  • Brutal green dragons We changed the id of green dragons so that your kill counts are not registering as brutal green dragon kills!
  • Item prices/Alchemy We reviewed our item prices. They should now reflect what we think are minimum prices. High alchemy is 60% of our 'minimal prices'.
  • Exploration We removed certain jobs from the job master, such as jobs requiring rare items or non-obtainable items.
  • General store The general store allows you to sell any item at 20% of our 'minimal prices' which is half low alchemy prices.
    General store
  • Wizard's shop We added two wizard's shops, one in Al-Kharid and one in Varrock. These shops sell blue wizard robes, beginner wands, and runes.
    Magic store
  • Potions We modified the potion textures to make them easier to distinguish.
  • Boss souls Boss souls are now named. These souls will eventually be used to obtain certain rare items.
  • Armor hybrid nerfs The armor hybrid nerfs are now shown in the armor lore.
    Hybrid nerf

Bug fixes

Here is the list of bugs we have fixed:

  • Ordeals We fixed various issues with ordeals. It should now work as intended.
  • Barrows degraded armor Degraded armor no longer provides a set bonus.
  • Backpack in PvP Backpack items will now properly dropped in the wilderness.
  • Ranged attack speed Issues whilst firing a bow 'too fast' have been fixed.
  • Guild doors We improved the teleportation to/from guilds.
  • Constitution cape The constitution cape was giving an incorrect regen buffer

The end

That's all folks!
As always, we've added some weekly challenges in our season pass based on this update.
Make sure to give us some feedback about this patch on our Discord where you may set personalized notifications for the network!

Thank you so much for supporting us! We look forward to seeing you in our next patch!