Season 2 Week 6
Welcome everyone to our week 6 Patch!
This update has been created to fix most of the known bugs, improve the network's overall performance and bring new content to Minescape.

Zombies & Minigames

Zombies and minigames were having issues due to a misconfiguration. You can now play these games with no lag!


Bug fixes and mechanical tweaks

Here is the list of the bugs we've fixed:

  • Chests & Shulkers
    We’ve fixed an issue where players are able to interact with chests and shulker boxes.
  • Crawling Hands
    Those Crawling hands were coming at all of you a little too fast! We’ve slowed them down a bit.
  • Giant Mole
    The Giant Mole should be bug free! Yay Please let a staff member know if you’re still experiencing problems with the mole.
    Boss Giant mole
  • Ground Falling
    Entities should no longer fall through the ground! Please let a staff member know if you’re still experiencing problems with entities falling through the floor.

Here is the list of issues we have addressed between week 5 and 6:

  • Giant mole will only award loots to players who actively fought it
  • Trading now requires sneaking
  • Thieving now works whilst in combat
  • Alchemy prices are fixed
  • Skill gathering no longer continues (except on trees that are not cut down) on high pings
  • Fishing lag exploit has been patched
  • Cooking lag exploit has been patched
  • You no longer gain xp from sweet spots if your inventory is full
  • Added more banshee spots
  • Reworked the dropping system due to recent changes. Issues with item dropping on tutorial island/other places are fixed
  • /give has been temporarily disabled
  • The freeze spell now freeze mobs (except bosses) for 3 seconds
  • "you may not add this item in your trade" for some tradable items has been fixed
  • Backpack related bugs
  • Music now plays normally
  • Entities should now be able to swim
  • Thieving from the same mob consecutively will result in a decreasing xp rate
  • You can no longer wear noted helmets
  • We've temporarily disabled damage indicators


This weekly update comes with new gameplay features, QoL elements, building fixes/upgrades, and more:

  • Mort Myre Swamp
    Mort Myre Swamp has been added along with some fishing spots to come with it which include: Eels and Shrimp. We’ve also added an agility shortcut which requires level 80 which brings you to Mort’on.
    Mort myre swamp
  • Mort’on
    Mort’on has been added along with an exploration beacon.
  • Burgh De Rott
    Burgh De Rott has been added along with some fishing spots to come with it which include: Tench, Bass and Monkfish!
    Burgh De Rott
  • Taverley
    Tired of running to the next town over just to buy your next loot crate or start your next job? Worry no more! Candy Shop, Jobs, and Server EXP Potions NPCs have been added to Taverley!
  • Thieving
    Did you notice anything missing before? Beekeepers have now moved in to the bee farm in Seers’ Village as thievable mobs! Burgh De Rott is home to some interesting characters you can steal from as well.
  • Grand Exchange Inbox
    Awesome, my offer completed, too bad I have to run all the way to the Grand Exchange to check my inbox. How many gold pieces were in my inbox again? Don’t worry about that anymore! We’ve trained the bankers to have your inbox ready for you at any bank! Also, you can now shift click items in your inbox to take all!
    Item inbox in banks
  • Auto Gathering
    We’ve heard you! Holding down the right or left mouse button is a pain when you’re grinding out those gathering skills. If you’re at least 20 levels above the required level to gather an item, you can once again hover over the next flower, crop, or ore to automatically begin gathering once you’ve completed your current target!
  • Bone Burying
    How much are you charging just to burn a fire?! Get out of here! We turned off the ability to burn bones on other players’ fires. Firemakers, fire up the Incinerator! It’s time to make some ashes!
  • Drop Table
    Where can I find out how many times I’ve bugged killed the Giant Mole? Well, we’ve revamped the Drop Table in your inventory to not only tell you how many mobs you’ve killed, but all the mobs are in alphabetical order!
    Minescape loot table
  • Achievements
    You are now level 99 in fishing! Level achievements for certain level milestones and epic loots are now broadcasted to your world. You can’t keep those sweet gains a secret anymore!
  • Resource gathering whilst in combat
    Wait, that’s illegal! Turns out gathering while still being able to attack mobs is a little overpowered. We’ve made it so you can no longer stuff your pockets while in combat!
  • Target Practice HP
    Wow, that dummy sure is strong! The Target Dummy in the Ranged Guild has been rebuilt with weaker materials and now has reduced hit points.
  • Mining guild deposit box
    “Please add a deposit box to the mining guild?” “Where is the deposit box..” “Can you add a deposit box to the mining guild?!!” Well, well, well… There it is:
    Mining guild deposit box
  • Effects
    We’ve added a way for you to access all your buffers at once! Use /effects in game!
  • Rune plate armor pieces
    We added more rune plate armors to the drop table!
  • Green dragons
    Slayer Green Dragons have been renamed to Brutal Green Dragons. We’ve added Green dragons as a non-slayer monster in the wilderness!
  • Slayer shop rune prices
    We increased the price of death and chaos runes in the slayer shop to make Runecrafting more profitable.
  • Burning Food
    Oops.. I did what to my food? I roasted it?! We’ve changed the text for burning food to be a bit more accurate.
  • Crafting tip
    "Use better log to craft more arrows" has been added as a crafting tool-tip for starters.

The end

That's it for this weekly update!
As always, this week contains new season pass challenges for you to enjoy!
Make sure to give us some feedback about this weekly update on our Discord where you may set personalized notifications for the network!
Thank you so much for supporting our network, see you next week!

- Co-edited by Sami, Goose and Skip