Season 1 Week 8

Welcome everyone to this weekly update!

This update is mainly focused on candy usage and board games.

Board Games

Board games now has an item shop where you can purchase dice!
There are different types of dice:

  • Small dice: 1 to 3
  • Bigger dice: 4 to 6
  • Large dice: 4 to 12
  • Small or big: 1 or 6

These dice can be purchased with trophies.

A dice shop location

We've also doubled the amount of candies you get in board-games and made the game last 25 minutes. This time is still something we are balancing so it may change again!

We've fixed the bug where no color-code was shown on the scoreboard!


You can now get loot crates and XP lamp by playing mini-games or Battle Of The Heroes! Candies are our free currency and can now be used by visiting the candy shop on Minescape!

Candy shop

There are three different types of XP lamps: going from 500XP to 2500XP.

An xp lamp gives you xp in a skill you select through a UI.

Candy shop ui

There are also three sizes of loot crates, from 5 to 15 items. A lot of different items can be obtained from loot crates such as dragon items if you are very lucky...

Who's gonna be the first player to max out a skill just by using candies?!

Here are the bugs we fixed in Minescape:

  • Fixed the stock shop exploit
  • Scoreboard no longer have invalid color codes (fe1)
  • Rune skin doesn't give an attack buff anymore. It gives a defence buff
  • Impossible brewing tasks are no longer being offered to players
  • Jobs no longer register gathering and log burning as the same action


As always, we've added more weekly challenges. They're mostly based on the game board!

As of right now, the game selector mentions 40+ mini-games (we currently have 29, and 11 being almost ready), they will arrive shortly during this week as a "sneaky" update as some require more balancing!

Enjoy this weekly update and don't forget to send us more suggestions on Discord!