Season 1 Week 9
Welcome everyone to this new weekly update!


This update is focused on an overall rebalance of Minescape.
We made a poll on our Discord server a week ago about a major Minescape xp change.
Discord poll
Most of you agreed that the xp table and xp increment needed to be changed to improve the gameplay experience. With the help of some people from the community, we've changed the xp table (it uses a similar xp table than osrs, and is a bit faster).

We've also changed how jobs are given to players. The exploration level now plays as a level barrier. For example, to get a gold mining task, you now need to be level 35 or more in exploration, to get a mithril mining task you need to be at least level 45....

You can access all these changes in the skill UI or on this Google Spreadsheet

Some people have been complaining about the fishing spots being hard to distinguish, we made them explicit using a floating text:
Fishing spot


As some of you complained, we removed the triple and quadruple xp. Triple XP might come back if everyone is fine with it.
Global double xp boosters can now be purchased for :

  • 15 minutes: 300 orbs
  • 30 minutes: 500 orbs
  • 60 minutes: 950 orbs


XP lamps

The xp lamps have been changed due to the xp chart change:

  • 500XP: 125 candies
  • 1000XP: 250 candies
  • 2500XP: 625 candies

XP lamps

Taverley dungeon

The Taverley dungeon is still in development but you can explore it partially at your own risk, be careful!
Taverley dungeon


We are now running our server on 1.14.4. This means that we now recommend all our players to use 1.14.4. You can still join the server with a 1.9 Minecraft java client or above.

We've changed the crafting tables to vanilla smithing tables and added a floating text above all crafting tables.
Crafting table
Player made fires will now appear as vanilla campfires.
We also changed the leaves of Maple trees and we are currently working on an orange leave texture for them.
Maple trees


We finally added a reward for voting for our server on the most popular voting websites! You earn 3 candies per vote and can access the list of the voting sites by doing /vote on the server.


We have released a cleaner website. The forums have been temporarily disabled. The leaderboard for our different games is still accessible and we will release a leaderboard for the minigames soon!


As all our other weekly updates, we've added more challenges.

Tell us what you think about this update on Discord!