Season 2 Week 5
Welcome everyone to our week 5 Patch!
This update has been created to address a multitude of issues brought by a recent surge of incoming players, and applies only to MineScape.

Welcome, and thanks again FlippingOldschool for an amazing suprise video!


Bug fixes and mechanical tweaks

Here is the list of the bugs we've fixed:

  • Async tasks
    We've fixed an issue in our internal scheduler. Music should now play smoothly under all circumstances. We are still working on adjusting the off-rhythm issues!
  • Giant Mole
    The Giant Mole has had its health points increased! The mole itself could sometimes become invisible, which has been fixed. Finally, additional loot has been added, expect more to shortly follow! Thank you so much for the feedback, and please continue to report your issues as we improve our amazing new boss system!
  • Extra Items
    Wait, how did I get 20 bars out of 19 ores? Some skills were giving a slight bit of extra items! We have identified the cause and fixed this issue.
  • Cave of Ordeals Error
    The Cave of Ordeals was not letting players join at certain times, all players with 18 Quest Points should now be able to enter without issue!
  • Fast Heal
    We've fix the description of the prayer. It was written "Points: /second" instead of "Points: 1/second".
  • Herblore Skill Guide
    The guide for the Herblore skill wasn't showing multiple flowers in recipes, we have made this update to match the brewing stand recipes!
  • Slaying Experience
    Off-task slaying experience has been removed, from 20% previously. Slaying off-task for profit was found to be against the very spirit of slaying, and this change will improve the value of the skill!
  • Incinerator
    Logs to ashes ratio has been moved from 1:1 to 4:1, this should effectively increase the cost of ashes in the player market 4 fold, but creates a more balanced process overall! Ashes now can be combined with 6 imbued bones for prayer experience at the incinerator!
  • Salad
    We have reduced the salad luck factor from 20% to 8% after the recent salad buffs. Testing showed the item to provide insane buffs, and move into the "use or lose" item tier, where we don't want anything!
    The tooltip for salads also now clarifies which actions are affected (thieving and combat kills)
  • Second Bank Page
    When initially filling your first bank page, but didn't have 9 more items to populate the entire first bar on the second page, you couldn't access those items! This issue has been resolved, no more adding junk to see your gear!
  • Mob Aggression
    We have made it easier to lose aggression from monsters when players are fleeing! You may now escape without being followed across the map.
    The overall range where mobs would target you has also been reduced. Mobs will stop targetting you if you move too far away, or if you stop hitting them for 20 seconds.
  • Double Experience
    Global DXP buffs were never intended to work with certain rewards, and have been removed. These include quest rewards, first time agility course bonuses, and XP lamp usage.
  • Freezing Mobs
    Sometimes when losing aggression, monsters would freeze. The cause has been identified and fixed!
  • Wall Climbing
    Mobs were huge Spiderman fans and began climbing flowers or blocks in combat, which has been fixed!
  • Bow Speed
    We have moved the turn speed of bows from 2 to 1.5, this should make ranged feel healthier for now as we move into our combat balance overhaul this week!
  • Imbued Bones
    The textures on bones which have been imbued on altars for increased experience has been upgraded! They are now blue when imbued to distinguish easily between regular bones. Remember to burn imbued bones on better fires for even more xp! ;)
  • Respawn Location
    There was an issue where, typically when a user has a client side disconnection, players would die but respawn next to their death location instead of Lumbridge. This has been fixed! You still have 15 minutes to return to your gravestone!
  • Perma-cape
    Players could retain their cape bonuses even after banking the item in certain situations, this has been fixed as well. We have heard your feedback on skillcapes and will be looking at a global balance in the coming weeks!
  • Pressure plates
    There was a strange unintended interaction possible when players were standing on a pressure plate, it has been resolved.
  • %regen%
    Various skilling guides were showing %regen% in place of values, we believe all of these have been fixed to show thier proper amounts!
  • Elder Trees
    We have reduced the probability that Elder trees are cut down with each success action from 30% to 10%, effectively increasing the amount of logs each Elder Tree will give before being felled!
  • Arrow Tooltip
    Arrows of all tiers were still asking you to hold in your off-hand, which should have been updated with the arrow slot addition, so we've made the change!
  • Noted Capes
    Players were able to equip noted capes in a very strange way - you should no longer be able to equip noted items!
  • Teleport to Lumb..rock?
    Many of you noticed the non-free "Teleport to Lumbridge" spell actually said it would teleport you to Varrock! This has been fixed.
  • Experience Lamps
    The tooltips showing experience gained across various levels for different XP lamps was quite confusing! We have changed the UI to improve user experience, and will be awaiting more feedback!
    Experience Lamps
  • Dragon Hatchet
    The woodcutting skill guide showed a level of 60 required to equip a Dragon Hatchet, when it's actually 70 with other dragon tools! We've fixed the skill guide!
  • Hemenster
    The entry requirement for Hemenster now correctly displays as requiring 40 fishing!
  • Tutorial Island
    The chickens of Tutorial Island have been allowed to roam! The old rooms appeared to give the message that safespotting is a mechanic in MineScape, which it is not. A reminder that safespotting is against our rules, as combat works much differently within the MC engine! Get your kite on ;)
    We will be improving tutorial island with requested mechanical explanations in a future update!
    Tutorial Island
  • Rules Updates
    We have updated the /rules which can also be found at! The recent large increase in community size has made it apparent we need to be more specific in certain areas of the rules - please give them a complete read!
  • *Ambient Commerce Audio
    The background audio in some locations like the Grand Exchange was a bit overpowering at times, the volume has been lowered to place it more in the actual background!


This weekly update comes with new gameplay features, QoL elements, building fixes/upgrades, and more:

  • Grand Exchange
    The GE has been updated! You can now access a list of your offers, and cancel existing offers! A preview for 24hr and 7day price histories has also been added to items' tooltips!
  • Trading
    We have enabled trading in MineScape! To trade, approach another user and shift-right click to trade!
    Click to trade
    Users will be given a confirmation timer before the trade is accepted, where items cannot be modified.
    With this additon, drop-trading has finally been removed!
    You may also use /give "name" to send the item you're holding to their inbox! Max once per 5 minutes, this can be used to help your friends or donate! Do not use /give to trade over long distances, only use the official trade system to prevent trade scams!
  • Instance Selector
    We have added in a selection UI to the GamesLabs lobby, so that you may join your friends! Thank you for being patient with us as we quickly improve our new instances!
    You may find your current instance on the top of your Scoreboard, above your stats!
    Server Selector
  • Alchemy Prices
    After months of calculations and tests, we have released the finalized(tm) version of alchemy prices! It's time to burn up all that armour you've been smithing, these prices will be used throughout Season 3 to provide economic balances for all skills in MineScape!
  • Dragon Chain Armour
    You didn't think we'd ask you to do barrows in rune, now did you? Dragon Chain Armour has been added to MineScape's drop tables! The body, legs, and boots have been added to drop tables this week, and the helmet will have its first location added in a certain crypt for the Week 6 update!
    Dragon Chain Armour
  • Cooking
    You don't need to wait for the progress bar to disappear anymore! A message is sent when you have cooked all your food!
  • Prayer Sceptre
    The Prayer Sceptre has undergone many changes! Max charges have been moved from 1000 to 5000. Toggle menu charge cost has been increased from 1 to 4. The quick prayer toggle now has a charge cost of 1.
    As well, we have added crouch-click functions for both right and left click! You can now set quick prayers independantly from your prayer toggle menu! We believe the Sceptre has now reached its maximum PvM potential, we would love to hear your feedback!
  • Sick Monsters
    Even more sick monsters have been spotted roaming Canifis! While that means more prayer sceptre drops, what could be causing this? Find out next week!
  • Lock & Throw
    Two bugs have been fixed where locking an item and throwing it made it disappear, or when throwing a locked bone would bury it!
  • Backpack Lock
    Backpacks would unlock themselves when empty, this issue is solved!
  • Protection Prayers
    Certain to all prayers were de-selecting active protection prayers when activated, which was not intended. The only prayers you cannot currently use together are multiple protection prayers.
  • Slayer Tower
    The monster spawns throughout the slayer tower have been increased! You should find less empty hallways which allow room for more players to train together!
    Slayer Tower
  • Moss Giants
    The health of the Moss Giants has been increased from 460HP to 760HP to fall more in-line with their level and drops. We are looking forward to more feedback from our slayers on how this change effects training!
    Moss Giants
  • Backpacks
    We have, after reviewing and debating over a large amount of community feedback, removed the ability to trade backpacks. Backpack orders will be canceled from the GE and you will be refunded if you already bought one.
    With this change, we have added the ability to shift-click withdrawal items from backpacks! The backpack should now be a complete upgrade and efficient item across most activities in MineScape!
  • Sheep
    Sheep have recieved a visual update! While our graphics team is hard at work for upcoming projects, we're able to release one of our new models, an improved version of everyone's favourite floofy friends!

The end

That's it for this weekly update!
As always, this week contains new season pass challenges for you to enjoy!
Make sure to give us some feedback about this weekly update on our Discord where you may set personalized notifications for the network!
Thank you so much for supporting our network, see you next week!

- Co-edited by Leedly and Skip