Season 2 Week 4
Welcome everyone to the fourth week of our second season!
This weekly update is mainly focused on and Minescape and contains some cross-game bug fixes.


  • Staff Applications
    We have opened helper, builder, and developer applications! Visit!

Here is the list of cross-game bugs we have fixed:

  • Fixed chunk issues
    Some players experienced chunks not properly unloading in older clients and causing FPS drops, this has been resolved!
  • Block interaction issue
    Click interactions were sometimes causing issues when looking at blocks, this ranged from not being able to fire your weapon in zombies whilst looking at ground, or not being able to drink potions/eat whilst looking at the ground! These were linked to the same issue, and it has been solved!
  • Rank colours
    Ranked players owning no title can now properly change the colour of their rank.


Bug fixes

Here is the list of bug fixes we've added to Zombies:

  • Ammo Drop Cap
    Vulture no longer gives ammunition above the max-ammunition limit.



Here is the list of features we've added to Apocalypse:

  • Entrance clarity
    We've added some floating texts to help new-comers find the starting pads!
    Apocalypse pads


Bug fixes

Here is the list of bug fixes we've added to the minigames:

  • Kicked for flying
    You no longer get kicked for flying in Quiddcraft and Quiddracers!


Let's move on to Minescape!

Bug fixes and mechanical tweaks

Here is the list of the bugs we've fixed:

  • Helmet Lock
    Helmets /lock command was removing itself on equip! Since that's the whole point of armour, we went ahead and fixed this bug.
  • Cave of Ordeals
    There was an issue mostly involving melee users with enemies attacking each other and becoming unresponsive, resulting in a block in advancement! This has been remedied. You may also notice new enemies appear if you attempt to enter the CoO before you meet the requirements ;)
  • Grand Exchange & Banking Improvements
    We have improved the function, accessability, and performance of the Grand Exchange! You will no longer be redirected to the first page of your bank or the Grand Exchange listings when interacting with items.
    GE ui
  • Custom Item Bank Stacks
    Most custom items now stack in bank, ranging from advanced cooking items to cursed items with the same durability!
  • "cat spell > cast spell"
    The Wizard of Tutorial Island was asking you to "cat" spells. That's not quite right!
  • Shear Price
    We've decreased the price of shears by 50%
  • Fire Giants
    Fire Giants dropped Big Bones instead of Enormous Bones. We've made the change because, well, they're giant!
  • Gravestone Looting
    Players who met an unfortunate demise were encountering an issue when returning to their gravestones if they'd died with more than a full inventory, typically caused by armour. Additional loot would be up for grabs to passerbys. Your gravestone loot is now locked to you for a time!
  • Skilling Critical Hits
    Critical hit arrows for skills have been improved! Hit spots should no longer appear behind blocks or on other block types where you could not hit them. We appreciate your continued feedback on this feature as we continue to improve the user experience!
  • Oak Bow Sell Price
    Oak bows were not selling for the correct price across all shops! This has been resolved.
  • Plate-leg Recipe
    Plate-legs have had their smithing recipe increased from 3 to 4 bars, their alchemy price will be adjusted to reflect this change shortly.
  • Fishing Locations
    Fishing spots in the Fishing Guild have been moved to their expected location around the pier outside of the bank! Sharks were added on request with a hotfix earlier this week. We have also moved monkfish to Entrana, where a deposit box will be added to a future quest!
  • Magic Trees
    We have fixed a bug where Magic Trees chopped twice as fast as intended.
  • Optimization
    We have discovered a group of issues in the way chat messages are recorded, as well as user cache data. These have been remedied.
  • Black Demons
    Added the slayer level requirement of black demons next to their combat level.
  • Textures
    Swapped textures have been fixed.
    Swapped bait/fly rod, raw/cooked anchovies, and raw/cooked swordfish.


This weekly update comes with 5 new Points Of Interest, a new 3D system for monster models and more:

  • Mausoleum
    On a small island near Canifis, you'll find the new Mausoleum, thanks Kev_TheGamer!
  • Incenerator - Burn logs into tradeable ashes! Better logs = better ashes! This provides a small amount of firemaking xp. Transform ashes and bones to prayer xp, 9 bones per log ashes.
  • Holy forge - Forge prayer sceptres! More information down bellow.
  • Imbued Bones - Using bones on an altar no longer consumes the bone, it instead imbues the bone! These imbued bones are not tradeable on GE, but can be buried for double experience ...or burned on a fire/the incinerator for even more experience depending on the firre/ashes type!
    Mausoleum incinerator
    Holy forge
  • Camelot Teleport
    The "Teleport to Camelot" spell has been added to your magic books! It requires level 45 magic, 5 air runes, and 1 law rune to cast!
    Camelot TP
  • On-screen Buffs
    We have added additional combat power statistics and active buffs to your UI! You will find these very helpful as we further increase combat mechanical levels.
    Scoreboard Buffs
  • Bank Number Toggle
    You asked, we delivered! Bank items can now have their amount display removed from the main view for those who prefer a cleaner look. You may, as always, still hover over your items to view amount and information!
    Bank Numbers
  • Bow Rework
    Bow mechanics have been reworked! You now fire immediately on click, and have a cooldown while you automatically notch & draw the next arrow! While total damage will remain the same, this will allow ranged users to kite in line with magic users, and improve the overall feel for our archer friends.
    Bow Rework
  • Food Buff Timer Maximum
    Food skill buffs have had their maximum stack timer increased to 40 uses!
    Food buff timer maximum
  • Magic Splash Experience
    Magic spells now give a bit of experience when a spell is casted in the air, touching no entity or dealing 0 dmg (splashing in combat!)
  • White Wolf Mountain
    The mountain between Taverly and Catherby has been terraformed! A rogue Hagam was spotted performing controlled explosions! As well as the mountain being visually improved, you will now find a new travel path, additional monster spawns, a quick-travel tunnel, and an agility shortcut!
    White Wolf Mountain
    White Wolf Mountain
  • Seers' Village Beacon
    We've added a beacon to Seers' Village! Where could it be?
  • A Mysterious Castle
    An unknown benefactor, reported to be a very strange man very focused on his sciences has reportedly hired a local building team to construct a castle near the shore of Canifis! We are still working to uncover those responsible for this unsanctioned construction. If you see this scientist, do not approach him!
    On another note, citizens and pets of Canifis have started falling ill! The current cause of this affliction is unknown, please advise care when travelling through Canifis!
    Unconfirmed sources have said that a group of treasure hunters is visiting the area, claiming a new excavation near the Mausoleum has uncovered a sacred fossilized wood that is extremely valuble, and the mausoleum itself may contain holy relics of the past. It is unknown if these items may be connected in any way.
    Additional reports include packs of wild dogs roaming through the greater Canifis area! While a dog does not pose you any harm, we believe some of them have contracted the mysterious illness! Please advise care.
    Frank Castle
  • Prayer Sceptre
    We have added a new item, the Prayer Sceptre. Thanks IconicEagles for the design! Its parts may be obtained by killing strange sick enemies near Canifis, this Sceptre allows you to bind a selection of prayers, depending on the level of the Sceptre! This item makes it possible to quickly switch between prayers in combat, and will be invaluble for upcoming boss content and late-game combat of all types!
    Visit the NPC in the mausoleum to learn how to use the Sceptre and keep it recharged!
    We have added both Silver and Gold sceptres, which require their respective bars to repair!
    The Sceptre can be charged with up to 1000 charges, and will degrade once per full-use. You may toggle multiple prayers with one use before returning to combat!
    Prayer Sceptre
    Prayer Sceptre
    Prayer Sceptre
    Prayer Sceptre
  • Protection Prayers
    WHAT?! We have added protection prayers to MineScape! This is a part of many upcoming changes to create an intensive and extremely fun combat system!
  • 37 Prayer - Protect from magic
  • 40 Prayer - Protect from missiles
  • 43 Prayer - Protect from melee
    Activating these prayers will reduce damage taken of that type by 50%!
    We have added a temporary indicator for which prayer is active, but are still working to find a better visual option possibile in MC.
    You will notice an increased effect of protection prayers as we continue to vary the combat styles used by enemies in Minescape!
    Protection Prayers
  • Agility Course Bonus
    Agility courses now provide an incredible bonus for your first time completing them! We have also increased the torch direction clarity to the Al-Kharid course and added a message for clarity! Torches will be used for directions in additional courses in the future, as we expand through existing and new cities!
  • Alchemy prices and UI
    We released more alchemy prices for top tier weapons! The low/high alchemy UI no longer reset your inventory cursor!
  • Experience Lamps
    Lamps from all sources have been buffed substantially! Your level in the target skill now determines the experience you will recieve! It is possible, however quite slow, to level a skill entirely with lamps! (Yes skillers, we hear you and you may finally join the slayer leaderboards!)
    Expect additional methods to obtain candies throughout the GamesLabs network!
  • Thieving Alert Message
    "Why is thieving so confusing! I just spam click, right?"
    We have added a message when you attempt to steal from an enemy who is still alerted from your last attempt! You must continue to wait or kill the enemy, where it will respawn unalerted.
  • Wizard's Wand
    Players found the high crafting requirement of this mid-level wand to be a turn off from using magic altogether. We have added the Wizard's Wand as an extremely rare drop from high level dark wizards, the strongest wizards of the Wizard's Tower, both as thieving and combat loots!
    Dark wizard drops
  • Docks
    Catherby and Taverley felt a bit disconnected from sea trade, so we have added docks to their shores!
  • Canifis
    Canifis' statue has been revamped and dogs have been added to the town!
  • Giant Mole
    Falador has been invaded by a massive mole monster, who is our first official boss encounter! Expect to see improvements as we begin working on our boss mechanical system, and as always we love to hear your feedback!
    The Giant Mole has a staggering 22,000 hp, and will transition between four phases when it has taken enough damage. If you are too slow, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the Giant Mole's minions!
    Incoming content for the Giant Mole includes more dynamic minion spawns, a Hard(Challenge) mode, and more!
    Giant Mole
  • Boss Souls
    With the addition of the Giant Mole, you may now start collecting Boss Souls! These are connected to custom content in the works for some awesome dyamic combat choices!

The end

That's it for this weekly update!
As always, this week contains new season pass challenges for you to enjoy!
Make sure to give us some feedback about this weekly update on our Discord where you may set personalized notifications for the network!
Thank you so much for supporting our network, see you next week!

- Co-edited by Leedly and Skip