Season 2 Week 3
Welcome everyone to this new weekly post.
This weekly update is mainly focused on Zombies and Minescape and contains some cross-game bug fixes.


Here is the list of cross-game bugs we have fixed:

  • Titles
    Some ranked players couldn't access the custom rank color option. This issue has been resolved!
    Custom rank color option
  • Entities
    Some entities were going through blocks. We have partially fixed this issue and entities now stay ontop of blocks.


We've finished the Al-Kharid map. We had to rework our path finding system, which is the main reason why the release of this map was post-poned.


Here is the list of features we've added to Zombies:

  • Al-Kharid map
    Alkharid voting menu
    Alkharid zombies map overview
    You can now play on the Al-Kharid map which contains new perks and a boss.
  • Perks in tab
    You can now press tab to see the perks of the players in your game.
    Zombies perk tab
  • Stamin-Up perk
    We've added the stamin-up perk which grant players a speed I boost.
  • Vulture perk
    We've added the vulture perk which grant players small powerup drops such as ammunition and points.
    Vulture perk


Let's move on to Minescape!

Bug fixes and nerfs

Here is the list of the bugs we've fixed:

  • Invalid arrow in loot crate
    We've fixed the dragon arrow loot. It was previously giving an invalid item instead.
  • Eating whilst fighting
    You no longer need to aim at the ground to eat whilst in combat.
  • Sweet spot not disappearing
    Sweet spots were sometimes not properly disappearing. This issue should be resolved now.
  • Wizards
    Wizards are now damaging players at all times, even if close to the player.
  • Pirates
    We've nerfed the amount of coins pirates are holding.


This weekly update comes with 5 new Points Of Interest, a new 3D system for monster models and more:

  • Seer's village
    We've released Seer's village. It contains several buildings such as a bank and a smith.
    Seer's village
  • Ranging guild
    The ranging guild near seer's village is now part of Minescape! It contains a shooting target, a bow/arrow shop and some archers defending the guild.
    You need level 50 in ranged to access the guild.
    Ranging guild
  • Hemester
    Hemester is now part of Minescape and you can access its fishing spots if you are above level 40 in fishing.
  • Fishing guild
    We now have a fishing guild! Players can access it if they have reached level 50 in the fishing skill. It contains a bank and a shop as well as fishing spots.
    Fishing guild
  • Mc Grubor's wood
    We've added Mc Grubor's wood which contains some high level trees.
    Mc Grubor's wood
  • Crawling hands
    We are working on a new rendering system for monsters. This is the first iteration of the new system and more updates will be focused on this system. (Bosses revealed?!)
    Here is the new look of our crawling hands:
    Minecraft crawling hand
  • Dog guards
    We've added level 44 dog guards in Mc Grubor's wood.
  • Humanoid punch
    All our humanoid entities now have a punching animation when attacking!
    Minescape druid punching
  • Clay
    We've added more clay to the map:
    -> Lumbridge Swamp Mine (copper and tin)
    -> Lumbridge Swamp Mine (mid-level ores)
    -> Rimmington mine
    -> Varrock mine (Lumbridge side)
    -> Dwarven Mine
    -> Some clay veins on the boulders near Falador Mine
    Minescape clay
  • Bank stacks
    Non-stackable items now show their stack count up to 64.
    Minescape bank numbers
  • New armour textures
    We've added a new Optifine chain armour. It will only dislay if you have Optifine installed.
    We've also added 3D helmets.
    Minescape armour
  • Skip's pet
    Skip's pet has been moved to an unknown location!

The end

That's it for this weekly update!
As always, this week contains new season pass challenges for you to enjoy!
Make sure to give us some feedback about this weekly update on our Discord.
See you next week.