After over a year(!) of background work we've finally found some time and energy to fully focus on bringing back the highly requested bedrock support. Although the work was hard, costed us a lot of time and energy - we were able to bring back bedrock to life!

Bit-Trip, Zombies, Minescape and other GamesLabs network games and minigames are once again available on all Minecraft: bedrock edition devices. To join use as the IP and 19132 as the port.

Please note that due to Microsoft and some other third-parties updating their entire code base, the bedrock edition support may break again. We've made some edits that should allow us to bring back support each time faster, but we can not promise full support for the future.

Currently (due to various limitations) we have some visual issues on bedrock edition (currently no plans to fix them) like items being 2d icons instead of 3d, furnitures are missing, some monster sizes appearing wrong on certain devices and on rare occasions players trying to join the network may crash (re-joining should fix it)*.

We are sorry it took so long, and hope you are going to enjoy this update.

If you find any bugs on bedrock edition, please report them to our Discord server.
If you have knowledge&experience on bedrock edition resourcepacks and would like to help us solve various issues we have - contact RockTheFlag or Scipio3000 on discord.

*Issues mainly happen on windows 10 devices. Joining with a mobile phone / Nintendo Switch or Xbox devices it seems to work perfectly.