Season 3 patch 1

Welcome everyone to the first Patch of Season 3.

We had originally planned to release Minescape Leagues a week ago, but our plans have since changed. Minescape Leagues has been postponed, and we'll keep you updated on a new time-frame.

This patch brings several bug fixes, skilling updates, monsters/boss and social elements.


Let's start with our skilling updates.


You can now show off your amazing basement skills on your own construction island.
You may now destroy sand blocks that are not next to water blocks.
Minescape basement
We've also added new construction blocks such as:

  • Sand, unlocked at level 1
  • Ladder, unlocked at level 60
  • Glass, unlocked at leve 30
  • Glass pane, unlocked at level 50
  • Wooden trapdoors, unlocked at various levels

A special shoutout to Stef who has been putting a lot of work on his island:
Minescape construction island
Minescape construction island
Minescape construction island


Exploration is a Minescape exclusive skill. We're slowly bringing more uses to the skill. This update comes with Exploration Lodestones.
You may now set your spawn point by spending some gold pieces at various locations:

  • Lumbridge and Al-kharid lodestones, unlocked at level 15 with a cost of 1,000gp
  • Port-Sarim, unlocked at level 20, 50k gp
  • Draynor, unlocked at level 30, 50k gp
  • Falador, unlocked at level 35, 50k gp
  • Taverley, unlocked at level 40, 50k gp
  • Burthorpe..., unlocked at level 45, 50k gp
  • Catherby, unlocked at level 50, 50k gp
  • Varrock, unlocked at level 60, 50k gp
  • Edgeville, unlocked at level 65, 50k gp
  • Seer's Village, unlocked at level 70, 50k gp
  • Canifis, unlocked at level 80, 50k gp

Minescape lodestone


We've added a new Slayer master: Turael!
Turael can be found at various location on the map such as: Lumbridge, Al-Kharid, Port-Sarim, Burgh de Rott and Burthorpe...
He will assign you non slayer exclusive monsters spread around the map.
Minescape turael

Let's get social

This update brings more light to social aspects of the game.


A friend system has been added.
Friend UI
You can now add and manage your friends on the GamesLabs network.
You will also be able to see your friends stats in a future update.


A party system has been implemented!
Party UI
You can invite up to five members and join mini-games with them.
You may also chat with your party members.

Party boss fights

We've upgraded our instanced boss system to allow for party boss fights.
You can now enter an instanced fight with your party members if they're near you and on the same instance.
Party boss fight
Bosses have a bit more health when fought with party members. The loot is shared with all the party members that joined the fight.
This party boss fight system is not available in Ironman mode.

Region update

We've added two new regions in this update.


Trollheim is currently blocked, and we moved the corrupted black dragon to the north of the slayer tower.
Burthorpe contains a smith, a general store, some smokers, a brewing stand, and an exploration lodestone.

Warrior's Guild upgrade

A cellar has been added to the Warrior's Guild.
Talk to Lorelai with a rune defender to access the high level Cyclop room to grind your dragon defender!

The dragon defender provides a 8% melee damage buffer as well as armor points.
It is unlocked at level 60 attack and defence.
Minescape dragon defender

Kalphite Cave

We've opened the gate to the desert and you may start its exploration!
The desert has been released partially with the Kalphite Cave.
Minescape desert
Minescape desert

The Kalphite cave hosts a very dangerous boss and its followers.
Minescape Kalphites
Minescape Kalphites
Minescape Kalphites

The Kalphite cave also contains an agility shortcut that will lead you directly to the Kalphite Lair.
Agility shortcut

Kalphite Queen and the Kalphite Whip

This boss has two different phases. It starts as a ground insect imuned to magic and ranged, and in the second phase, it transforms into a flying insect immune to melee.
Kalphite Queen
Kalphite queen transforms
Kalphite transformed
The lair can be accessed with a Kalphite Key, unlocked at level 55 exploration.
The Kalphite Queen drops it's remains which can be combined with an abyssal whip to create the Kalphite Whip.
Kalphite whip crafting
The kalphite whip can be crafted at level 80 and does 100 damage per hit.
It comes with 7500 charges and will transform back into an abyssal whip at 0 charges.

Soul shop

Since the release of the Giant Mole, souls have been dropped by our various bosses.
You may now exchange them for rare boss drops.
The soul shop can be located at the Draynor manor and accepts noted souls.
Soul shop
This will guarentee rare drops from bosses even if you're very unlucky:

  • Dagon'hai boots, 2000 souls of The Evil Chicken
  • Dagon'hai hat, 20000 souls of The Evil Chicken
  • Hill Giant club, 240 souls of Obor
  • Kalphite remains, 260 souls of The Kalphite Queen
  • Dragon chain boots, 330 souls of The Creature
  • Dragon pickaxe, 800 souls of King Black Dragon
  • Dragon mace, 400 souls of The Giant Mole
  • Dragon 2h sword, 510 souls of The Kalphite Queen
  • Dragon chain body, 2000 souls of The Giant Mole
  • Dragon chain body, 260 souls of The Kalphite Queen
  • Dragon plate full helm, 2000 souls of The Creature
  • Dragonic Visage, 1600 souls of King Black Dragon
  • Dragon plate legs, 1000 souls of King Black Dragon
  • Dragon limbs, 10000 souls of King Black Dragon (good luck...)
    Soul shop UI


This updates brings quite a bit of content tweaks and Quality Of Life changes:

  • Monster drop list Bosses are now displayed at the end of the drop list (when sorted by combat level). We've also made the Alphabetical sorting consistent.
    Boss list
  • Critical hits We added a new particle effect for critical hits.
  • Mystic robe bottoms and hats are now lootable from Icecritters. Also, Icecritters now attack using magical spells.
  • Prayer icons Protection prayers are now displayed above players to make it easier for party boss fight communication and better PvP gameplay.
    Prayer icons
  • Dragon models We updated the models of our dragons to make their wings more appealing. Their size has been scaled up as well.
    Dragon model
  • Wilderness night vision We added a night vision effect whilst you're in the wilderness.
  • 3d wands We finally updated the models of our magic wands. They are no longer 2d...
    Apprentice wand
    Beginner wand
    Master wand
    Wizard wand
    Apocalypse wand
  • Chickens are now level 1 in strength instead of level 4 to make it easier for beginners.
  • Cows have been added to the Crafting Guild.
  • Tutorial holograms We've added some tips on Tutorial Island following the main path. This will help new players find their way through Tutorial Island.
    Minescape tutorial tips
  • Magic runes Magic spells can now use runes from various sources (backpack, rune pouch, inventory) simultaneously.
  • Backpack/pouches Items now go to backpacks/runepouches when picked-up (if the same item is already in the backpack or if it's a rune for rune-pouches).
  • Potion stacking You can drink better potion on top of lower potions without the better potion effect being removed.
  • Construction blocks now appear at the end of your bank pages.
  • Fishing message We've removed the "You caught a fish" message from the hotbar to display the amount of xp earned.
  • Tools are now considered as melee weapons.
  • Minigames Zombies/Mini-games requiring players to be started are now broadcasted to Minescape and the notifications can be toggled off. We've also improved the stability of mini-games servers.

Bug fixes

This update comes with quite a bit of bug fixes:

  • Major killing bug Killing Obor with ranged was putting the player in an invalid state.
  • Major item bug Fixed a bug where items were being destroyed in hover mode.
  • Inbox Opening an empty inbox was locking the player's inventory temporarily.
  • Giant Mole The Giant Mole can now be damaged with magic.
  • Teleport tabs The crafting process is now consistent and requires runes.
  • Free teleport tabs Using an island teleport tab was giving back the teleport tab on arrival.
  • Monster agro Attacking a monster far away from you no longer lets you attack another monster.
  • Warrior's Guild cyclops room Logging out no longer locks you inside the room in an invalid state.
  • Lumbridge fishing spot The fishing spot behind the church has been improved and is no longer glitchy.
  • Invalid spruce tree We've fixed a tree that couldn't be cut.
  • Karil's safespot has been removed from the map.
  • Potion unlocks There were various unlock inconsistencies with the in-game skilling guide.
  • Cooked bass HP Cooked bass now give 145 HP instead of 140HP.
  • Fishing guild spot The sardine spot was a disguised sturgeon spot.
  • Lost item typo "Loss" has been corrected to "Lost".
  • Wind blast requirement Casting wind blast used to consume nature runes even though the tool-tip said chaos.
  • Lesser demons were listed twice on the monster drop table.
  • Guthan's armor flavor text was incorrect.
  • Brimhaven Agility typo Changed "Part 1: medium" to "Part 2: medium".
  • Sick mobs Some sick monsters were spawning in the air near Fankenstrein's Castle.
  • Karamja mobs were safe-spottable.
  • Varrock Sardine spot The tooltip above the sardine spot was invisible.
  • Draynor Mansion quest typo From "you help" to "your help".
  • Earth bolt used water runes instead of earth runes.
  • Haunted manor quest The kill 10 spiders step was locked to melee kills and fixed a dialog error.
  • Ironman bank deposits were not working for non ultimates.
  • Weird teleport registration Using /cp or falling in the water was triggering POI enter messages.
  • Noted none was produced by clicking on an empty bank slot.
  • Arrow head textures were swapped for iron/steel.
  • Locked items were being sold in stores.
  • Deposit all was not depositing your off-hand.
  • Untradeable items were not drop-able (major issue for UIM).
  • Cooking crash Attempting to cook an item whilst standing in a fire was making the client crash.
  • Pumpkin pie typo From "pumkin pie" to "pumpkin pie".
  • Daily store A daily store NPC was in the wrong location (underground).
  • Mining cape on adamant ores was not working.
  • Brimhaven unlock was wrong in the skill guide (was showing level 1 instead of 40).
  • Humanoid equipments were sometimes removed prior to the entity's death.

The end

This is the end of our patch-notes.
Special thanks to our developers and the testing team for their immense work with this update.
Special thanks to Boobtit for her amazing work on the Kalphites and other models as well as the build team for the new regions!
Thanks for your support and may these incoming updates bring more lights to the GamesLabs network!mod