GamesLabs Halloween 2022

GameLabs network lobby is starting to get invaded by citizens and Stellar buddies dressed in various costumes and that can only mean one thing: GamesLabs Spooky Halloween event is here! Although the Halloween spirits have invaded the lobby, the rest of the network remains safe... For now!

New lobby

Citizens of the GamesLabs network have decided to leave the arcade city for now and move back to their nice small village. The village contains new Stellar Buddies, various cosmetic shops, a brand new wardrobe / cosmetic preview building and much more!

With the release of the new lobby, we are also releasing a new cinematic:


Wardrobe allows players to try out different cosmetic without having to move into 3rd person mode. The wardrobe feature is still under development, so expect more features to come soon.


The new lobby contains 3 stores:

  • Daily store
  • Event store
  • Bundle store

All of the stores contain unique cosmetics that change on different time periods (daily, seasonally and during events).

Citizens / Stellar Buddies

During the halloween event, Village citizens will be giving treats to those visiting them daily! Make sure to talk to them for the sweet candies!

New cosmetics types

We are releasing 3 new types of cosmetics to the network!

  • Emotes (Player character doing dance or other moves)
  • First hand cosmetics
  • Back cosmetics (capes, cloaks, backpacks and more)


Bundles are cosmetic packages that contain unique cosmetics and overall cost less. Bundles are time limited to event / season.

Staff applications

GamesLabs is actively accepting Staff Applications! We are looking for players that are passionate about contributing to the GamesLabs Network, Minescape, and other exciting projects. We are specifically looking for players to assist on the following teams:

  • Build Team: Build team is responsible for bringing the Network to life! Builds include Minescape Points of Interest, Minigames, Network Lobby, Convention Booths, etc. Previous build experience is helpful and preferred.
  • Asset design team(pixel artist(s)): We are looking for pixel artists responsible for upgrading our network image.

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply on our website at the following link:
We look forward to reviewing your applications!

The end

Celebrate with us this spooky event on !
Make sure to join our Discord if you haven't already!