Season 1 Week 4

Welcome everyone to our weekly update!

This weekly contains a lot of Minescape mob changes and, like every week, we fixed most known bugs.

Bug fixes

Here is the list of the bugs we fixed:

  • GB-231 Mobs are sometimes invisible
  • GB-235 Crafting UI says "bronze" instead of "bronze arrow heads"
  • GB-241 Anvil weapon renaming (B.O.T.H.)
  • GB-242 Salmon/Trout fishing error spam
  • GB-245 Dialogue errors
  • GB-255 Stamina potions don't work
  • GB-258 Item place holder "duplication"
  • GB-260 Taverley Entrance Guard Spawn
  • GB-261 Invalid fishing spot placement
  • GB-269 Arrow bouncing on pets
  • GB-272 Glitchy guild doors


Here is the list of all the features we've added:

  • 8 new mobs (including GB-275: bees)
  • New weekly challenges
  • 1 new quest
  • Added skin diversity for our humanoid monsters
  • GB-148 Twitch and youtuber rank
  • GB-173 More default skins
  • GB-185 Highscores (on the website, they will soon be in the discord bot)
  • GB-238 Clarify text in the flax quest
  • GB-240 Add quest requirements in the quest UI
  • GB-244 Early slayer rebalance
  • GB-249 Lumbridge teleport xp removed (for skillers)
  • GB-254 Level up shows unlocks in chat
  • GB-257 Flower hitboxes
  • GB-264 More thieving mobs
  • GB-265 Slayer and thieving guide (in the skill UI)
  • GB-266 Being able to change the colour of your rank
  • GB-267 Decreased Ranged cooldown
  • GB-268 Rebalanced fishing
  • GB-270 Added a lot of mob drops
  • GB-271 Crafting rebalance
  • GB-273 Added a backpack (obtainable from the backpack quest: the new quest)
  • GB-274 Added a /xp to check the time left on XP boosters
  • GB-275 Added bees

Here are a few pictures of some of the new mobs and the slayer UI:

Mob Skins
Thieving UI

Enjoy our weekly update and make sure to join our Discord!