Season 1 week 3

Welcome everyone to the third week of our first season! This weekly updates comes with a lot of bug-fixes, features and a new game!

You can find more about it down right bellow.

Battle Of The Heroes

Battle Of The Heroes is a new game where you can incarnate a Hero from one of our games and battle in an epic Area!
Here are a few pictures of the game!
Here is an overview of the Battle Of The Heroes (B.O.T.H.)

Map overview

You can buy ranks with candies (you can win candies by killing players, from playing mini-games or through the season pass)

Some heroes
More heroes

Each Hero has different stats and abilities that can be used with mana.

Hero selection

This game is available through the lobby!

New features

Here is a list of the features we added (mostly from your suggestions on our service desk):

  • New weekly challenges
  • 5 new Minescape quests
  • GB-135 Added dwarfs
  • GB-156 Woodcutting rebalance
  • GB-157 Farming item regen buff
  • GB-158 Taverley banker
  • GB-162 :beaver: emote and other :skill_id: emotes
  • GB-164 Ranged buff
  • GB-169 See your xp past level 99
  • GB-170 Giant spiders dropping more string
  • GB-175 Block breaking time reduction according to the level
  • GB-178 Apple trees dropping apples sometimes
  • GB-183 Firemaking rebalance
  • GB-191 Remove text spam from fishing
  • GB-197 Nerfed magic
  • GB-207 Herblore rebalance
  • GB-201 Gold ore balance
  • GB-214 Melee should use a bit of stamina
  • GB-215 Farming rebalance
  • GB-216 Flower sounds
  • GB-218 Hide and seek quest text
  • GB-228 Shift click to deposit all items
  • GB-229 More stats to monsters (attack, strength, defence)
  • Changed firemaking interaction to allow mass cooking

Bug fixes

Here is a list of all the known bugs that we fixed:

  • GB-3 Random fps lag and missing connected textures on 1.13+
  • GB-8 Missing flower textures in 1.13+
  • GB-97 Chat spam when hitting blocks through entities
  • GB-152 Fixed flax quest
  • GB-154 Smugglers equipment (stone)
  • GB-155 Fishing net crafting
  • GB-159 Arrow disappearing sometimes (visual glitch)
  • GB-161 Palm trees dropping cocoa beans
  • GB-163 Rune essence teleport exploit
  • GB-174 Unable to exit boat in Moonmere Apocalypse
  • GB-176 Cannot switch profile
  • GB-179 Missing a potion
  • GB-180 Items disappearing when dropping them in a fire
  • GB-181 Ranged buff
  • GB-188 Startling sword clash noise
  • GB-189 Level 1 xp bug (visual)
  • GB-190 Invalid grammar in Quest Mother
  • GB-192 Damage stacking (magic/melee/ranged)
  • GB-195 Two handed sword + shield
  • GB-196 Invalid damage display
  • GB-199 Mob AI stuck
  • GB-202 You walked away
  • GB-203 A link to the past movement bug
  • GB-206 Potion Effect duration
  • GB-209 Swimming
  • GB-210 Cooked lobster is bugged
  • GB-211 Cooking item deletion
  • GB-212 Trench trap on wizard tower
  • GB-213 Stamina potions do not work
  • GB-219 Hide and seek punctuation
  • GB-220 Inescapable hole
  • GB-221 Incorrect wand equipment
  • GB-222 Strawberries being deleted after a certain number of harvests
  • GB-223 Steel hatchet turn speed bugged
  • GB-224 Draynor Village "wizard" name
  • GB-225 Wizard dialogue grammar error
  • GB-227 Pets and balloons blocking arrows