Season 1 Week 13

Hello everyone!
First of, let's start with a small sorry! We've been post-poning this weekly update for a few weeks now... We spent 2 weeks testing our new Zombie gamemode, which is double the time it took us to develop...
But before we get into that, have you watched the trailer about this new game?!
Check it out and make sure to drop a like if you enjoyed that small trailer!


We first released COD Zombies on Minecraft years ago..., 6 to be exact...
It was, at the time, quite buggy but was already a lot of fun!
Here is the livestream we did with some of our old youtuber friends:
We've decided to bring this game back so that you can play a challenging solo-capable game on our network! It's also a way for us to present what we are capable of when it comes to technically advanced Minecraft games.

What's included

We are releasing two map recreation at the moment:

  • Kino der Toten
    Kino der Toten
  • Nacht der Untoten
    Nacht der Untoten

Both maps have been imported from Call Of Duty(R) Black ops Zombies and contains all of their features such as:

  • Waves (zombies and dogs)
  • Guns & explosives
  • Mystery box
  • Pack a punch
  • Perk machines
  • Power
  • Teleporter
  • Sound effects
  • Leaderboard (coming soon on the Discord bot and on the website!)
  • And more features for you to discover!

Game selector

We've updated our game selector to include this new game:
Game selector

Weekly challenges and our near-future goal

We've released new weekly challenges around this new game.

We are going to start the marketing of this game during this Christmas break through different means.

You can help us by sharing that trailer to all your friends and dropping some comments on the video about your gameplay experience whilst playing the game!

Don't forget to join our Discord.

Happy holidays!