Season 1 Week 13, s1w13-a

Hello everyone.
This is the last patch of our first, long-lasting, season. It contains a few QoL changes as well as bug fixes!


We've fixed an issue where xp lamps were not removing the proper amount of candies. It is now removing the amount of candies mentioned when you hover the item.
Candy shop
Monsters have their armour equipped and their second skin layer active again!
Minescape Goblin
Power potions (extreme) combat and god potions have been changed to +30%, +40%, +50% to match their defence counterparts.


We've updated the lobby resourcepack to re-add our benches. They disappeared on the first weekly updates due to a resourcepack generator issue.
Long live the benches...
Lobby wooden benches
We've also added learderboards in the lobby! You can now admire the Minescape and Zombies leaderboards directly from the scores booth. The screen is rotating every 10 seconds between games and stats (i.e. between the different Minescape leaderboards, ordered alphabetically)
Score booth


We've fixed an issue where moved downed players couldn't be easily revived. It is now tracking the downed player instead of the initial death location.
A downed player

QoL and software

We've revamped our command list. Note that this is the first part of our command revamp. Command completion and a friend & party system is coming next season.
/help on the network
We've updated our network and it now runs on Spigot 1.15.1. We've also updated our resourcepacks to properly handle 1.15+ clients.

End of the season

As mentioned previously, this is our last patch of the year and of the season.
Our next season will start with a new zombie map, new QoL contents and, of course, new challenges and cosmetics!

Enjoy the rest of the year and see you in 2020!