Season 2

Hello everyone!
You have been waiting for this update for a few weeks now and the time has come.
Put on your glasses, if you have some, and let's take a deep dive in the update log.

Season related

This new season comes with 100 new tiers, containing 116 cosmetics, all for a price of 1000 orbs. Check out the season pass in game to view all the possible unlocks!
You may buy orbs directly on our online store.
Season pass


Let's start with global (cross-games/lobby) changes.


Here's the list of new features added in all games:

  • Send / rules when the player first joins a game
    The excuse “I don’t know the rules” is as old as the existence of rules. No more can you claim to not know the rules! A society without rules is hardly a society at all!
  • Removed referral links
    Referral links worked great, for the people who invited people to never play again, purely to gain some orbs. Unfortunately it didn’t do much for our playerbase. That’s why we have removed referral links until further notice.
  • Changed item despawn rate from one minute to two
    Yes, I got a drop. Inventory is full, let me rearrange… And it’s gone. We have heard your trouble and granted you with twice the amount of time to retrieve your dropped items!
  • Made the season stars bigger (searching challenges)
    Season stars were “difficult” to find during the first season, so we made some custom models so that we all can see them a bit brighter. Look out for those stars as they give you a nice amount of stars on your season pass!
    Season pass star

Bugs and issues

Cross network bugs?! They're gone, well the ones we know about!

  • Negated firework damage
    For those who have been scheming to kill people with fireworks whilst they are afk: No, not nice! Fireworks will no longer damage a player. They still do in real life, so be careful!
  • Removed click to confirm voting sites
    Pesky voting sites who require you to click everywhere. No more shall they plague us! We removed 2 voting sites that have been giving us trouble.
  • Fixed pet's movement
    Pets were moving all wonky around the games. We sent them on a puppy training course. They should be able to walk with you normally now.
  • Particle auras should only be on if you don't move
    All those particles were getting in the way. So, to increase your visibility we now have removed aura particles when moving. That’s what trail particles are for anyway!
  • Popup glitch (pet renames)
    Some of your pets could not be renamed. So, they were kind of impersonal. Now you can name them properly without issue.


This season update includes several Minescape changes. Be ready for some reading!


  • Added Crandor transporation
    You can now spend 500 coins in Karamja or Entrana to get access to the resources of Crandor.
    Crandor teleport
  • Added Crandor teleporting spell (level 85 in magic)
    High level magic skillers can now use a teleporting spell to access Crandor's resources.
  • Capes
    Capes?! Yes, capes. We've added a cape unlock for every skill, unlocked at level 99. You can buy a skill cape for 100k coins at the grand exchange.
    You will not lose your skill cape on death (capes are sent to your bank when you die).
    You can also acquire the max cape if you reach level 99 in all skills (good luck), which activates all the different cape effects. You can also find black capes on highwaymen!
    Cape unlock
    Cape shop
    Cape shop ui
    Attack cape
  • Cave of Ordeals
    We have our first individual dungeon and it's based on The legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess and the Tzaar fighting caves in Runescape.
    You can access the dungeon in Crandor if you have at least 18 quest points.
    Cave of Ordeals
    The cave of Ordeals contains 50 fighting floors divided in sections of 10. You earn coins per each floor completed and you have access to a bank deposit every 10 levels.
    Cave of Ordeals, first floor
    If you die, you are teleported back to the entrance of the dungeon. Who will be the first player to fully complete the dungeon, you?!
  • Slayer
    You can no longer skip slayer tasks using tokens, however you can now chose between 3 slayer tasks, ranging from small to large sizes.
    The slayer shop is now linked to the slayer master. When interacting with the slayer master, you will now have an overview of your slayer task and the ability to open the slayer shop.
    Slayer master
  • Crafting guild
    There's now a deposit box in the crafting guild, making it more viable!
  • Drop rates
    You have been requesting drop rates for a long time now. We are releasing a new feature in your skilling interface. You can now access the different drop rarity of any monster!
    Drop table
  • Item locking
    Pressed Q. WHOOPS, gone. Your dragon pickaxe has been picked by another player because of one key press... That's really sad, isn't it? This won't happen anymore! You can now use /lock on an item to lock it. Locked items cannot be dropped (unless you die or unlock the item).
    A locked item
  • Music & point of interests
    A few months ago, we released a very special unique feature on the network. A working music synthesizer in Minecraft. A very advanced music player that is unique to our network and guess what? Well we didn't spend enough time in adding more music to Minescape. This time is over. We added more than 50 new music tracks and several new point of interestes such as the Al-Kharid mine, Taverley dungeon, Ice caves and Cave of Ordeals. Turn on your sound to enjoy these new tracks!
  • Willows
    We've added willows in Draynor to match with their placement on Runescape!
  • Resource gathering skills
    We're slowly making the game less linear and adding more ways to gain experience in a skill. This update brings a new mechanic to resource gathering skills and can grant you a 25% xp increase when executed successfully.
    Aiming at sweet spots (floating icon) will grant you a bit of xp for a total of 25% of the base xp.
    Sweet spot
  • Tutorial island
    We've had some complaints about the tutorial island being a bit hard to understand for a complete newbie. We've completely remade the tutorial island to make instructions clearer and explain the basic in-game commands.
  • Leveling up
    We are now using our music synthesizer to play different fanfare musics when you gain a new level in a skill! Each skill contains two leveling up tracks, one for a normal level up and one for a level up with unlocks!
  • Scimitar shop
    Where's the scimitar shop in Al-Kharid?! Where is it? Well there it is! You can now buy scimitars in Al-Kharid!
  • The wilderness
    The wilderness, the one and only... We're revamping the wilderness but it's sadly not done! You can access the current changes on the map, here's a sneak peek:

Quality Of Life

You thought this was it? There's more! Here's a list of our QoL changes:

  • Monster auto-agro
    Monsters that automatically attack you if they can fight you now have a red name! Be careful!
  • Monster stats
    You can now access the stats of a monster (attack, defence and strength) in the monster drop table!
  • Wiki
    You can get the link of the player made wiki by doing /wiki. Did you know that we are working on an official minescape website with guides and more? The more you know...
  • Resourcepack update
    We've increased the quality of the different icons in the resourcepack to make them look less pixelated!
    Skilling ui
  • Leaderboard
    You can now access the leaderboard directly in the skilling interface. Keep in mind that your client may take a bit of time to load the players' icons.
    You can access the top 18 players in every skill.
    In game leaderboard
  • Banking
    "Enter amount", But why?! I only have one of that item! You no longer are requested to enter an amount when withdrawing a single item!
  • Skilling progress interfaces
    As requested, we removed the progress popup interfaces so that you can chat whilst smelting/smithing/brewing/crafting/cooking!
    Doing one item at the time will grant you 25% extra xp!
    Skilling in progress
  • Jobs
    What is this.. Another smithing job...
    We've changed the randomizer of the jobs. Each skill now has the same probability of appearance.
  • Questing
    We've revamped some quest details to make locations more obvious. We've also added an arrow to NPCs that have something to say!
    NPC with an arrow
    Quests are now divided into two interfaces. When you open your quests, it will first display your active quests. When clicking the '+' button, you will access the list of all the quests.
    Quest interface
  • Varrock
    We've decreased the requirement of the teleporting spell to level 25 magic.
  • Skill tooltips
    We added a more in-depth description about each skill when you open your skilling interface.
  • Block prospecting
    Clicking on a block you cannot mine or with a tool you cannot use will now display the block type. It's useful to prospect blocks and provides more feedback to the players!
    Block prospecting
  • Monster range
    We've reduced the monster hit range, from 5 to 3.5 blocks. If a monster automatically targets you, you can still attack another monster unless that particulay monster hurt you.
  • Teleport confirmation
    As requested, we removed the 'click to teleport' interaction to the rune essence mine.
  • Holograms
    Lumbridge now has holograms mentioning the different locations for newcomers. This will help them understanding, for example, where the brewing stand is.
  • Scoreboard toggle
    You can now toggle your scoreboard in your settings!
    Scoreboard toggle
  • Slayer
    We've changed the slayer quest (Royal trouble) to use Cave bugs instead of crawling hands, making it doable.
  • Wildnerness grave
    You died in the wilderness and your stuff is gone? You didn't have enough time to pick up your enemy's loot? We've added graves to the wilderness! The killer of a player has a two minutes priority on the grave; after that, all players may get the grave's contents.


We didn't stop there! We've also fixed the main bugs players encountered on Minescape:

  • 1.9 cooking
    Players using 1.9 no longer crash when cooking.
  • Apples
    Apple pies now have their proper food regen: 130 hit points.
  • Sugar XP
    Sugar xp has been nerfed from 80 xp to 66 xp.
  • Flood spell
    The flood spell has been moved from level 15 to level 17.
  • Lava
    Lava now acts as water. You can no longer fall in lava
  • Magic hit effect
    The moster damaged effect is now properly played when the entity is damaged with a magic spell.
  • Wizard tower targetting
    Dark wizards no longer force you to rejoin the game to target new monsters.
  • Apples and bananas
    Red and yellow wool can not longer be farmed for fruits. You can still gather apples from apple trees and bananas from palm trees by clicking on the red and yellow blocks!
  • Cooking
    Right clicking a fire now opens the cooking interface.
  • Camp fire
    We've disabled camp fire damage.

Battle Of The Heroes

For those have not realised it, BOTH was not working well in some versions. That’s why we fixed it in case someone would like to try our latest take at kitpvp. For those who do not know what BOTH is, shame on you! You should try it!
Battle Of The Heroes

Minigames & Zombies

We've added some changes to the minigames and zombies.
Minigames & Zombies

  • AFK kicker
    There was an issue with players being afk in a lobby of minigames, causing the minigames to be unbalanced or causing players to lose points in co-op games. That’s why people who are no longer present behind their typewriter will now be escorted to the entrance of our theme park.
  • Sub voting menus
    In minigames, players often get confused with voting for games and maps. That’s why you can now just vote by clicking once, instead of twice. If you want to force the map with orbs, you can still do that in the voting options.

Performance & SDK

Ah.. Performance.. What a great topic for some dev-logs!
But let's stay focused on the season patch notes.

  • Resourcepacks
    The resourcepacks used to be hosted by a third party, which would cause long load times for the players downloading the resourcepack. By hosting it ourselves, players will have a faster download speed when loading the resourcepack.
  • Game reloading
    Minigames & zombies are now reloading faster.
  • Entity ticking
    When it comes to Minecraft server performance, entities are expensive. For games such as Minescape, it can be a real performance killer.
    Usually Minecraft can handle several hundreds of active entities. Well.. We've optimized it so it can easily handle thousand and thousands of entities. This increases our performance on big games such as Minescape!
  • Questing SDK
    We revamped our questing system and will be working on releasing it to the public so that any developer can help us create quests! If you are interested into that, stay tuned!

The end

I'm glad you sticked to the end! But this is only the end of this seasonal update post. More and more updates are coming to the network. We are trying our best to come up with a unique Minecraft network and with games you enjoy playing.
This project is a real passion for our team and seing you enjoy our work is really overwelming.

We would like to spend a few lines to thank you. All of you! Yes YOU! Thank you for being part of our community and may 2020 be a great year for you!
We will continue to work on this network for years and years to come so if you want to see a game on the network please use our suggestion channel on our Discord.

If you want to send us some love <3, you can use the #feedback channel on our Discord aswell!

Happy 2020 and enjoy this new season!