Season 1 Week 11.a
A patch?! What is this?!
We just released a patch that includes several features and changes. Unlike a weekly update, this patch contains no new weekly challenge.

Minescape resourcepacks

We gathered feedback from different players and came to a solid conclusion: The conquest resource pack has great textures and has been the one we used since the GamesLabs Network release but doesn't fit Minescape.
We looked online and found a Runescape texture pack that we can use for our block textures.
This patch allows you to select between three resourcepacks:

  1. The default one (runescape texture pack)
  2. The conquest one
  3. And a vanilla resourcepack (using the default Minecratf block textures)

A comparison of the three resourcepacks
A player can now edit his/her prefered resourcepack through the setting UI:
Resourcepack settings ui
The resourcepack option is stored on your profile and can be changed in Minescape.


We've nerfed the thieving multipliers (for high level difference) and buffed the minimum thieving probability as well as high-level experience. This makes thieving more consistent across levels.


Run, jump, jump, run and fail... Many of you guys complained about your parkour skills and suggested to add a Parkour training course for you to train your parkour skills, and this is what we did!
Gentleman_Azir also fixed a few issues on the Al-Kharid agility course.
Lumbridge training course
The Lumbridge training course provides no agility xp (other than running) but allows you to practise easily the course.

Slayer tokens

We've added slayer tokens in the shop. You can buy 10 slayer tokens for 3 points.
Slayer tokens can be used to cancel slayer tasks and will get more uses later on.
Slayer token shop
Slayer ui
You are now also granted xp per each task kill. If two slayer masters gave you the same tasks, you will get double xp per monster task kill.

Small Q.O.L. changes

This patch comes with a few quality of life changes:

  • You can now bury bones by dropping them from your inventory (if you are looking at a block)
  • We buffed the duration of fires by 100%. This allows you to cook more food per fire
  • You can now see your combat level directly in the skill UI
    Skill ui
  • We slowed down night time to make the day-night cycle smoother
  • We fixed the magic xp halving issue when training in balanced mode
  • We buffed rune drops for Ankous and Wizards
  • We finally fixed the advancement toast message
    Agility level up message

Small skill additions

This patch also comes with one extra magic spell and one new agility shortcut:

  • Slayer top floor agility shortcut at level 45 agility
  • Edgeville teleport at level 48 magic

Edgeville teleport

This concludes this patch!
Feel free to post any suggestions in our #suggestions channel on our Discord