Season 2 Week Patch 8
Welcome everyone to this Season’s Patch 8.5!

Patch 8.5, what's that?!

It means that this is a patch with no new gameplay element, focused on Quality Of Life and bug fixes.
We will be revealing the content of our next 3 major updates on our Discord in a few days!


Bug Fixes and Mechanical Tweaks

Here is a list of the changes we've made:

  • Spiders
    Crypt spiders and sick spiders were using the old Minecraft spider model!
  • /lock...
    "Don't lock your stuff!". Yeah.. We know... We finally fixed the different issues relating /locking items. You will no longer have to fill in a "lost item" form. Locking your consumables will no-longer consume them. Dropping a locked item under certain circumstances will no longer make the item vanish.
    Locked minescape item
  • Magic issues
    Entities are no longer immuned to magic. Some players were not able to properly hit monsters using magic. This issue has been resolved.
    Magic damages are now displayed in the top combat bar as well!
    You can no longer target multiple entities at once.
  • Combat xp
    You no longer gain xp on miss!
  • Cave of Ordeals
    We have fixed the Imp models and an issue preventing player's progression at wave 21.
    Cave Of Ordeals
  • Brimhaven Agility Training Facility
    We have added the missing checkpoint on the hard course!
  • Scuffed music
    We had various complaints about the music being a bit scuffed. If you didn't know already, we stream our different tracks over the network, through custom note blocks and instruments to hack Minecraft's limitation.
    We spotted several issues that weren't network related and we fixed them! Some songs were playing too fast/too slow. And some instruments were wrongly set-up.
    The in-game music should now be a lot better!
    Music player


This patch is focused on new UI designs! Here is the list of the changes we've made:

  • Bank
    We changed our bank ui! There are new buttons to deposit your entire inventory (excluding locked items) and/or your armour pieces (including shield/off-hand).
    Bank ui
  • Number inputs
    We've improved our number inputs. You can now use '3k' (3,000) '5m' (5,000,000) as valid numbers!
    number input
  • Grand Exchange
    "I don't understand how to use the GE!". A lot of our players were being confused by our Grand Exchange interface. We changed it to make it easier to use for everyone!

This is the main menu:
Grand exchange
All your active offers will be shown when you open the Grand Exchange menu. From there, you may create a new buy/sell offer:
Buy offer
This UI is inspired by Runescape's GE. However, it is not a 1 to 1 copy as our Grand Exchange works a bit differently!
You can now search for a given item, using a search bar:
Search bar
And pick one of the results of your search:
Search result
This new interface lets you see the state of the market (statistics over a week timeframe: low/high/open/close candle)
Buy offer

  • Deposit boxes
    We added a way to deposit your entire inventory (excluding locked items) at a deposit box!
    Bank deposit
  • /map
    We updated the Minescape /map. We are still working on adding more trees and flowers to the map!

The End

That's it for this patch!
Make sure to give us some feedback about this patch on our Discord where you may set personalized notifications for the network!

Thank you so much for supporting us! We look forward to seeing you in our next patch!