Season 1 Week 12, patch a

Welcome to this weekly patch.

We've fixed a few Minescape issues as well as added some new features.

Bug fixes

  • You can no longer bury an item whilst having a bone in your hand
  • Dragons no longer walk to unreachable blocks
    Minescape green dragons
  • /task no longer gives an empty message when you have no slayer task

New features

  • We've added a 20 second timer for all monster drops. The killer of the monster now has 20 seconds to gather its loot
  • We've added a deposit box in Port-Sarim
  • We've added a /playtime that shows your current play time
    /map and deposit box
  • We've added a /map command that redirects you to the Minescape map, centered on your location
  • We buffed melee damage per second by decreasing the turn time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds

That's it. Tell us what you think about this weekly patch on our Discord.