Welcome to our first Dev-Log!

Today we'll be talking about the changes we made in Minescape's woodcutting skill!
Woodcutting in Minescape is completely changing in our incoming network release. Instead of just having 4 types of boring trees, we will have 16 different tree types!

Each tree type is visually different and their logs are used in different skills such as firemaking and crafting.

Step 1 - Removing all the trees

Before even building our different trees, we had to remove all the existing trees on the Minescape map :O. This took us around 1 hour with 4 people. The result felt really weird.... The map without any single tree feels.... waxed...

Take a closer look at the following picture, it includes some building spoilers!

No tree

Step 2 - The different trees

We built 16 different trees (with some degree of variation) and we tried to make them look realistic and all different.
Make sure to look at all the details of these pictures ;) They may contain more info than just the trees...
Here is an exhaustive list of our new trees, starting with:

Small oak tree - Level 1

Small oak

Palm tree - Level 10


Big oak tree - Level 15

Big oak

Apple tree - Level 20


Willow tree - Level 30


Spruce tree - Level 35


Teak tree - Level 40


Maple tree - Level 45


Alpine pine tree - Level 55


Yew tree - Level 60


Sequoia tree - Level 65


Magic tree - Level 75


Dead willow tree - Level 80

Dead willow

Baobab tree - Level 85


Elder tree - Level 90


Sakura tree - Level 95


Step 3 - Placing the trees

We finished building the last details of the map yesterday. The only task missing was the tree placement!
We spent hours..... and hours.... placing the new trees. We placed over 1700 trees! And trust me, the diversity adds a lot of depth to the gameplay!.

Step 4 - The tree mechanics

So we now have the trees placed on the map. But how does one chop down a tree?!

The trees have different respawn delays and falling down probabilities. You may gather multiple logs from a tree, but when it falls down, you will have to find a new tree or wait for it to respawn!

The sound is disabled in this video to not spoil everything!

The end

That's pretty much what we have to say about the trees for now!  What's your favorite tree? Tell us bellow!

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Stay tuned for more dev-logs!