Welcome to our fifth Dev-Log!

Yesterday we, finally, released our network.

We recovered 80k+ accounts and 4,450,700 orbs were given to our old players(from old purchases on the old GamesLabs Network and stats from Minescape Classic).

The release itself was pretty smooth, but a few bugs and enhancements were suggested. This is not a weekly update but a small patch so that you can enjoy the network a bit more!
Here is a list of what we fixed:

  • Fixed a few building glitches (e.g. holes on the map) in Minescape
  • Fixed an issue were NPC could make the server crash due to custom skins
  • GB-1 Quest NPC - Guard misspells suspicious as suspecious
  • GB-2 Right clicking armor to equip it will not apply the defense buff
  • GB-4 Mobs going invisible (randomly)
  • GB-5 Change anvil UIs to sign UIs for amount inputs
  • GB-7 Add a hologram at tutorial island to warn people that they need to follow the tutorial
  • GB-11 Whenever you brew a potion the progress bar stays and doesn't return to selecting another potion
  • GB-12 Clicking the agility master breaks events
  • GB-13 %name% in /report
  • GB-15 Death registration in quests
  • GB-16 Bronze arrow crafting (duplicate of GB-27)
  • GB-17 Monks should drop less coins (-75%)
  • GB-21 Banker in GE wall
  • GB-25 Edgeville bank
  • GB-26 Potion brewing (duplicate of GB-11)
  • GB-27 Crafting (missing recipes)
  • GB-28 Mithril axe is the same speed as bronze axe
  • GB-29 Quest not working
  • GB-30 Custom buy is missing
  • GB-31 Eating a meal in apocalypse for Daily Season Pass Star.
  • GB-32 Lumbridge Marriage's Best man quest doesnt work.
  • GB-35 Demons in ice caves are small spiders

These issues can be found on our Bug Tracker.
Please report any bug you find on there!

Our first weekly update will happen next week so stay tuned!