Hey guys,

As well as bug fixing I would like to show you our new system.
The command /report will soon allow you to report a chat. You will be able to take screenshot of the conversation and the output of the /report command to properly report a chat!
This is what I don't want to see anymore, eventhough we have a good chat censor system :

Also, an automatic system will also be made, being rude, rude and rude will eventually lead you to a perm ban.

As for the bug fixing, don't forget to send us bug here, it will help us fixing them.

Thanks for your understanding.

PS: epicboy1108, I would suggest you to be more polite
KenrickGougon I Wanna Play Super Minekart What Happen To it? Just Let Us play Super MineKart
divise_two omg... reported by the owner is wrost then a ban.... and all ppls can see it, it's on the home page ...
The_Pigubear PROULTIMATE Epic boy =/