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Frequently asked questions

How do I play?

You can play on our Minecraft network by joining our server using the following address: play.gameslabs.net.

What is GamesLabs?

GamesLabs started as a Minecraft server with Minescape in 2012. The network had several popular games and minigames and was played by a lot of famous youtubers. At its peak the network had more than a thousand concurrent players and 540,000 total players. We are now releasing the network again in 2019 with top-quality games and minigames.

I saw someone hack, what should I do?

You can report the player in game by doing '/report'. You can also report that player on our discord or on the forums.

I found a bug, what should I do?

You can report a bug on our forums or on our discord. We usually fix known bugs every week.


You can contact us by mail at these following addresses:
[email protected] (Support)
[email protected] (Business)
About us
The GamesLabs Network started with Minescape, a game inspired by Runescape, in 2012. It is now a Minecraft network composed of high quality games and mini-games.

Our team is working hard on creating a top quality network. Purchasing ranks, season passes, gems helps us making more unique content.

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