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3 September 2019

Season 1 Week 5 -Skill content and rebalance + economy change + basic commands + translation

Season 1 Week 5

Welcome to our new weekly update!

We've focused this weekly update on some of the feedback we received (thanks Raymond for your #feedback form) through Discord (#feedback and #polls). This weekly update includes some rebalancing of some skills as well as some new skill content. We've also translated the entirety of the network to french to expand on a new community.

Major changes

Fishing and Cooking

We've added 9 new types of fish to rebalance fishing. We've rebalanced low and high tier fishes. Here is a full list:

  • Sardine: from 11xp to 12xp
  • Herring: from 13xp to 15xp
  • Anchovies: from 15xp to 20xp
  • Trout: from 18 xp to 30xp
  • Salmon: from 26xp to 40xp
  • Tuna: from 30xp to 50xp
  • Lobster: from 38xp to 65xp
  • Added bass (level 45, 80xp)
  • Swordfish: from 179xp to 110xp
  • Added tench (level 55, 122 xp)
  • Added monkfish (level 60, 130xp)
  • Added karambwan (level 65, 145xp)
  • Added sturgeon (level 70, 170xp)
  • Shark: from 314xp to 250xp
  • Added sea turtle (level 80, 350xp)
  • Added manta ray (level 85, 700xp)
  • Added dark crab (level 90, 900xp)
  • Added eel (level 95, 1000xp)

Fishing skill UI

We've also changed the burning probability so that it is consistent for all items: 90% overall success rate.

We also added these new fishes to the cooking skill and rebalanced the old recipes so that the overall xp chart of both of these skills matches. Check the skill UI for more detail. We also fixed these bugs related to cooking and fishing:

  • GB-313 Infinite fires should work like player made fires
  • GB-307 The raw and cooked herring icons are inverted


We've rebalanced farming to fix the slow xp rate for high levels. Here is a list of the xp change:

  • Changed beetroot from 40xp to 80xp (2.8xp/s to 5.5xp/s)
  • Changed apple from 50xp to 120xp (5xp/s to 12xp/s)
  • Changed lemon from 246xp to 260xp (16.4xp/s to 17.3xp/s)

We fixed this bug related to farming:

  • GB-276 Strawberry bushes are disappearing after a while


We've added a new slayer master in Canifis called Rulf that gives longer tasks (He will be eventually moved to another dungeon). We've buffed the slayer xp per kill on an active task by 2.5 times.


We've changed the thieving probability depending on your thieving level:

  • Similar level: 25% to 50% of a successful steal
  • +5 level difference: 50% of a successful steal
  • +10 level difference: 60% of a successful steal
  • +15 level difference: 70% of a successful steal
  • +20 level difference: 80% of a successful steal
  • +30 level difference: 90% of a successful steal

We've also doubled the base thieving rate (spamming right click) and buffed the thieving success xp by : 1 + mobThievingLevel/99


As mentioned in #polls in Discord we have changed how arrows work and changed the damage values of bows. This results in having a debuff in low tier bows/arrows and a buff in high tier bows/arrows. Arrows now act as a buffer :

  • Bronze: 0.8
  • Iron: 1
  • Steel: 1.2
  • Mithril: 1.4
  • Adamant: 1.6
  • Rune: 1.8 And bows now have these base damage values :
  • Oak: 14
  • Willow: 19
  • Teak: 24
  • Pine: 34
  • Sequoia: 44
  • Baobab: 64


We've separated the stores from the grand exchange. Stores now have stocks that resupply every hour and have items up to mithril. The prices on items depend on the supply. A low stock item will be more expensive to buy than a highly supplied item. The selling prices are at max 50% off the base price and can go down to 1 gp if the stock has an extreme supply of item (on very rare occasions). An item is in high-demand if the amount is in orange-red, and in high-supply if the number is in blue. General store

Other bug fixes

Here is a list of all the other bugs we have fixed:

  • GB-312 Exploration: The player is not receiving xp after visiting 5 different point of interests. He should be getting 500xp after 5 unique POIs
  • GB-308 The teleport messages are flashing. Their transition should be smoother
  • GB-306 B.O.T.H. The killstreak daily challenge is broken
  • GB-295 Cobweb adjacent to water. The player should get teleported to the nearest safe block to prevent him/her from being stuck
  • GB-289 Custom rank colors reset on relog
  • GB-286 Infernal mages drop an invalid apocalypse wand item

Other features

We've also added some messaging commands: /msg and /r as well as a /ignore, /unignore and /ignorelist. We translated the whole network to french and added a language based chat channel: If you set your language in french, you will be talking in the french channel (all messages will be prefixed by a french flag). Joining through the ip : fr.gameslabs.net will force your language to french.

Season Pass

And as always we've added new weekly challenges!


Tell us what you think about this update on our Discord! Enjoy this weekly update.

27 August 2019

Season 1 Week 4 - Minescape monsters and more

Season 1 Week 4

Welcome everyone to our weekly update!

This weekly contains a lot of Minescape mob changes and, like every week, we fixed most known bugs.

Bug fixes

Here is the list of the bugs we fixed:

  • GB-231 Mobs are sometimes invisible
  • GB-235 Crafting UI says "bronze" instead of "bronze arrow heads"
  • GB-241 Anvil weapon renaming (B.O.T.H.)
  • GB-242 Salmon/Trout fishing error spam
  • GB-245 Dialogue errors
  • GB-255 Stamina potions don't work
  • GB-258 Item place holder "duplication"
  • GB-260 Taverley Entrance Guard Spawn
  • GB-261 Invalid fishing spot placement
  • GB-269 Arrow bouncing on pets
  • GB-272 Glitchy guild doors


Here is the list of all the features we've added:

  • 8 new mobs (including GB-275: bees)
  • New weekly challenges
  • 1 new quest
  • Added skin diversity for our humanoid monsters
  • GB-148 Twitch and youtuber rank
  • GB-173 More default skins
  • GB-185 Highscores (on the website, they will soon be in the discord bot)
  • GB-238 Clarify text in the flax quest
  • GB-240 Add quest requirements in the quest UI
  • GB-244 Early slayer rebalance
  • GB-249 Lumbridge teleport xp removed (for skillers)
  • GB-254 Level up shows unlocks in chat
  • GB-257 Flower hitboxes
  • GB-264 More thieving mobs
  • GB-265 Slayer and thieving guide (in the skill UI)
  • GB-266 Being able to change the colour of your rank
  • GB-267 Decreased Ranged cooldown
  • GB-268 Rebalanced fishing
  • GB-270 Added a lot of mob drops
  • GB-271 Crafting rebalance
  • GB-273 Added a backpack (obtainable from the backpack quest: the new quest)
  • GB-274 Added a /xp to check the time left on XP boosters
  • GB-275 Added bees

Here are a few pictures of some of the new mobs and the slayer UI: Bees Camel Scorpion Mob Skins Thieving UI

Enjoy our weekly update and make sure to join our Discord!

20 August 2019

Season 1 Week 3 - Battle Of The Heroes & more!

Season 1 week 3

Welcome everyone to the third week of our first season! This weekly updates comes with a lot of bug-fixes, features and a new game!

You can find more about it down right bellow.

Battle Of The Heroes

Battle Of The Heroes is a new game where you can incarnate a Hero from one of our games and battle in an epic Area! Here are a few pictures of the game! Here is an overview of the Battle Of The Heroes (B.O.T.H.) Map overview You can buy ranks with candies (you can win candies by killing players, from playing mini-games or through the season pass) Some heroes More heroes Each Hero has different stats and abilities that can be used with mana. Hero selection

This game is available through the lobby!

New features

Here is a list of the features we added (mostly from your suggestions on our service desk):

  • New weekly challenges
  • 5 new Minescape quests
  • GB-135 Added dwarfs
  • GB-156 Woodcutting rebalance
  • GB-157 Farming item regen buff
  • GB-158 Taverley banker
  • GB-162 :beaver: emote and other :skill_id: emotes
  • GB-164 Ranged buff
  • GB-169 See your xp past level 99
  • GB-170 Giant spiders dropping more string
  • GB-175 Block breaking time reduction according to the level
  • GB-178 Apple trees dropping apples sometimes
  • GB-183 Firemaking rebalance
  • GB-191 Remove text spam from fishing
  • GB-197 Nerfed magic
  • GB-207 Herblore rebalance
  • GB-201 Gold ore balance
  • GB-214 Melee should use a bit of stamina
  • GB-215 Farming rebalance
  • GB-216 Flower sounds
  • GB-218 Hide and seek quest text
  • GB-228 Shift click to deposit all items
  • GB-229 More stats to monsters (attack, strength, defence)
  • Changed firemaking interaction to allow mass cooking

Bug fixes

Here is a list of all the known bugs that we fixed:

  • GB-3 Random fps lag and missing connected textures on 1.13+
  • GB-8 Missing flower textures in 1.13+
  • GB-97 Chat spam when hitting blocks through entities
  • GB-152 Fixed flax quest
  • GB-154 Smugglers equipment (stone)
  • GB-155 Fishing net crafting
  • GB-159 Arrow disappearing sometimes (visual glitch)
  • GB-161 Palm trees dropping cocoa beans
  • GB-163 Rune essence teleport exploit
  • GB-174 Unable to exit boat in Moonmere Apocalypse
  • GB-176 Cannot switch profile
  • GB-179 Missing a potion
  • GB-180 Items disappearing when dropping them in a fire
  • GB-181 Ranged buff
  • GB-188 Startling sword clash noise
  • GB-189 Level 1 xp bug (visual)
  • GB-190 Invalid grammar in Quest Mother
  • GB-192 Damage stacking (magic/melee/ranged)
  • GB-195 Two handed sword + shield
  • GB-196 Invalid damage display
  • GB-199 Mob AI stuck
  • GB-202 You walked away
  • GB-203 A link to the past movement bug
  • GB-206 Potion Effect duration
  • GB-209 Swimming
  • GB-210 Cooked lobster is bugged
  • GB-211 Cooking item deletion
  • GB-212 Trench trap on wizard tower
  • GB-213 Stamina potions do not work
  • GB-219 Hide and seek punctuation
  • GB-220 Inescapable hole
  • GB-221 Incorrect wand equipment
  • GB-222 Strawberries being deleted after a certain number of harvests
  • GB-223 Steel hatchet turn speed bugged
  • GB-224 Draynor Village "wizard" name
  • GB-225 Wizard dialogue grammar error
  • GB-227 Pets and balloons blocking arrows

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